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Gaga Looks Great, Jared Leto is Unrecognizable

Yes, we’ve already seen a fair amount of behind-the-scenes photos from House of Gucci. Lady Gaga and Adam Driver spent some time earlier this year galavanting around Italy while in character. Yet it is still exciting to see the just-released official character posters featuring the film’s stars done up in full costume (and with proper lighting).

Directed by Ridley Scott, the film follows the real-life saga of the family that turned Gucci from a simple maker of leather goods into one of the world’s foremost fashion powerhouses. Of course, particular emphasis is placed on the murder of Maurizio Gucci, a grandson of house founder Guccio Gucci, and the subsequent implication and trial of his ex-wife Patrizia. We already knew all of that, but what we weren’t prepared for was Jared Leto in costume as his character. We had seen some evidence that Leto would be undergoing one of his signature onscreen transformations for the role, but this is the first time we’ve seen the full extent of his (and the make-up team’s) efforts in their full glory.

If you just quickly glanced at these photos, we’re not entirely sure you’d even recognize any of these people as Jared Leto. In fact, take a glance of these posters and decide if you can actually spot him. Yes, we know the actors’ names are on announcements, but just play a game of “I pretend I do not see it.”

Is this Jared Leto?

Starting off easy here, but, no, this is not Jared Leto. This is famous Italian-American pop auteur Lady Gaga. She leads the cast as Patrizia Reggiani, whose plan to have her ex-husband, Maurizio Gucci, murdered serves as the film’s central plot. There could be a hundred people in a room, and you would still easily be able to tell which one is Lady Gaga and not Leto.

Is this Jared Leto?

Getting a little trickier here. Leto did sport a similar “aviator sunglasses and man-bob” look in his film Chapter 27, but alas, this is actually Adam Driver. He plays the doomed Maurizio Gucci. While Driver does not quite as, uh, let’s say “glorious” and “wet” as he did in his recent Burberry Touch campaign, there was probably little doubt you thought this was Leto because large portions of the American populace have likely spent plenty of time over the past few years ruminating on the subject of Driver’s appearance and are able to identify him on sight.

Is this Jared Leto?

You know what, this almost could be him, right? Instead, it is actually classically trained actor Jeremy Irons. He plays Rodolfo Gucci, the father of Driver’s character, Maurizio.

Is this Jared Leto?

You could almost imagine Leto hiding here under pounds of prosthetics, but that would be disrespectful to Al Pacino. He plays Aldo Gucci, Maurizio’s uncle, and the longtime chairman of Gucci.

Is this Jared Leto?

No, of course, not. This is obviously television host Dr. Phil in his surprising dramatic acting debut.

Updated: Actually, this is Jared Leto. He plays Paolo Gucci, Maurizio’s cousin who was kind of the black sheep of the family. He tried to start a separate company under the family name, but was sued. For this role, Leto clearly underwent one of his trademark transformations.

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