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Ghost Light Is Making a Permanent Change to Marvel Canon

Marvel Comics is introducing a new superhero in the upcoming Silver Surfer: Ghost Light miniseries, coming in February of 2023 from acclaimed writer John Jennings and artist Valentine De Landro. Marvel announced this new Silver Surfer series during the Marvel’s Voices panel at New York Comic-Con, advertising the debut of the new hero, Ghost Light, as being “54 years in the making.

Silver Surfer is one of the most recognized Marvel characters, thanks to the iconic look and imagery that legendary creators such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Ron Lim, and Moebius (Jean Giraud). Despite this, Surfer has had few ongoing series over the years, meaning that a limited number of creators worked on the character, making his stories more impactful and memorable. Judging from the information released during the New York Comic-Con, and by the stellar creative team attached to the project, Silver Surfer: Ghost Light will be no exception.


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Coming from John Jennings, and Valentine De Landro, the series will feature a new character, an apparently common girl, Toni Brooks, who moves with her family into the quiet town of Sweetwater. However, Toni’s new home hides a lot of secrets, and nothing is what it seems in Sweetwater. Toni and her family will get involved in a huge mystery, one that will require the presence of the Sentinel of the Spaceways – the Silver Surfer. Meanwhile, a new superhero will be introduced, called Ghost Light (and formerly known as Alvin Harper, first appearing and dying in Silver Surfer #5), thus making a permanent change to Marvel’s canon.

John Jennings is a Hugo and Eisner Award winner, an NYTimes best-selling author, and a Professor of Media Studies at UCR, who has done incredible work both as a creative and as a scholar to improve Black representation in the world of comics. Valentine De Landro is a talented artist who has worked for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse (among others), on successful books such as Bitch Planet, X-Factor, and Black Manta. While details about the series are still scarce, Silver Surfer: Ghost Light will make a permanent change to Marvel’s canon by introducing a new hero, and one with quite the history. The most curious fans will, without a doubt, pick up Silver Surfer’s stories from 1969 (when the character was written by Stan Lee and drawn by John Buscema) and look for clues on who, or what, Ghost Light may be.

Besides heralding the return of the Silver Surfer, Ghost Light also marks the first time that the character is in the hands of a completely Black creative team. This is an important milestone for the character and for Marvel, and fans can only look forward to finding out what this amazing creative team has in store for the Sentinel of the Spaceways, and of course who this exciting new superhero actually is, when Silver Surfer: Ghost Light will be released on February 2023.

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