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Gigi Hadid Wears a Teapot as a Single Statement Earring


You can always count on Gigi Hadid to deliver a street-style moment when out for a walk with her daughter Khai, reliably pushing a $1,700 Jeremy Scott x Cybex stroller accented with golden wings. Her latest was a bit less obvious: From afar, the most interesting part of the 26-year-old supermodel’s monochrome ensemble appeared to be a bedazzled pair of mom jeans, paired with a simple plain white tee. But, as Hadid highlighted on her Instagram Stories, she was in fact also wearing a notably quirky accessory: a large single earring in the shape of a teapot.

The statement accessory is among the “happy handmade goods & art materials” that designer Holly Klaus sells under the umbrella of her Michigan-based jewelry company Sun Sprinkles. (Fret not for Hadid’s earlobe: Apparently, each piece is “lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.”) While each piece is unique, those looking to pay their own homage to Mrs. Potts can get their hands on a similar version, decorated with Hadid’s choice of a rainbow or a simple daisy.

Hadid has also been making a statement with her necklaces as of late, sporting a gold chain with charms spelling out the name of her equally fashionable daughter with Zayn Malik. Among those that Hadid wore on Wednesday was a string of golden puka shells, offering a hint that her relationship with the up-and-coming model Nanga has continued since she posted an homage to her style, lamenting that she only caught a photo of the anonymous “queen” from behind.

Naturally, the internet immediately tracked down the mystery street-style star—and, as Nanga put it on Twitter, her “life completely changed overnight.” She posted her own selfie from New York City on Wednesday, matching Hadid in a subtler version of the golden puka shell.

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