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God of War: Ragnarök – All Midgard Nornir Treasure Chest Locations (& Solutions)

Nornir Treasure Chests in God of War: Ragnarok, also known as Rune Chests, offer great rewards for players to increase Kratos’ health or rage meter, provided that they solve certain puzzles that lock the containers in levels such as Midgard. Apples of Idunn or Horns of Blood Meads increase vital statistics for Kratos while traversing through segments of the game, allowing him to grow stronger during dynamic combat encounters. Nornir Chests require players to activate certain torches or ring bells associated with three runes that cover the chest in order for it to unlock, most of which are scattered around the vessel’s location.


Within the realm of Midgar, Nornir Chests can be found near the Well of Urd, The Lost Treasury, under the Raider Hideout, and at The Oarsman, all of which are locations designated on the map, where players are able to see an indicator informing them of Nornir Chests nearby. Throughout the main story of God of War: Ragnarok, certain mechanics are made clear to the player, including the ability to alight torches with the Blades of Chaos or ring bells with the Leviathan Axe. These objects are found hidden around the area, with three of them being labeled through the same runes the Nornir Chests have, which are sometimes blocked by various obstacles the player must get around to open the Treasure chest.

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Ignite the Torches Around the Well of Urd

Kratos placing his hand on Atreus' shoulder in God of War Ragnarok.

In the northern region of Midgard, players may find the Well of Urd past the Mystic Gateway and away from the shop, not too far away from the Shores of Nine area. The Nornir Chest itself isn’t too difficult to find, in the opposite direction of the mountain residing in this section of the map. Players looking to 100% complete God of War: Ragnarok do not need to worry about any tedium with this Treasure, as this Chest has fairly easy-to-find torches that are a result of exploration rather than puzzle-solving. The first torch can be discovered at the base of this mountain, just to the left of a spot where Kratos would begin climbing toward the top.

The second torch is a bit trickier to find, observable at the top of the mountain on the left underneath a ledge. While players can spot this torch on the way up, reaching it with the Blades of Chaos might be slightly difficult, as it rests just outside the weapon’s maximum range from where players can see it atop the spire. However, jumping down and finding the right angle, or using Sigil Arrows, a twist to God of War: Ragnarok‘s gameplay, helps players ignite this torch without issue. Finally, the third and final torch needed rests easily at the mountain’s peak, to the right of where Kratos finishes his ascent.

Master the Right Timing at The Lost Treasury

God of War: Ragnarok Lost Treasury Location Where Giant Shield Must Be Moved in Order to Access Nornir Chest

Near the door to The Lost Treasury, the Nornir Chest may only be accessed once players have moved the giant shield blocking the path and climbing up to the inside of the area. After clearing away some obstacles with the Axe and defeating a wave of enemies in God of War: Ragnarok‘s improved combat, players can find one of three torches up a route to the right of the entrance, available through the use of Sigil Arrows. In the same vein, the second torch remains right above the shield after it has been moved to the left, which players also need Sigil Arrows to alight.

The last torch requires a bit more ingenuity, as it is located past a moveable column when the giant shield has been kept in a leftmost position. Shattering the debris, there reveals a massive wheel obstructing a gateway, which can be unlocked through the use of Sigil Arrows and the ever-satisfying Leviathan Axe. Players must target two gears on either side of the wheel with Sigil Arrows before using the Axe to freeze both for a limited time before entering the location. Destroying a silver seal of the Treasury inside this area disables the motion of the wheel, allowing players to then form a path to the now visible third torch to unlock the Nornir Chest.

Make Use of Fire Bombs at The Raider Hideout

God of War: Ragnarok Kratos Throwing Fire Bomb Through Cave Crevice to Light up Torch for Nornir Chest in Midgard's Raider Hideout Location

Leading to the King’s Grave and Mystic Gateway, a small path under The Raider Hideout location has a Nornir Chest, with torches blocked by debris and brambles that demand the player use Fire Bombs to unveil specific spots. Players using Auto-Pickup in God of War: Ragnarok can easily acquire these items as they are uncovered in the region. The first torch ties directly into the use of Fire Bombs, being between two red tapestries and blocked by debris destroyed by the bombs.

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The Blades of Chaos once again come into play to dispel red brambles in the corner of the same room with the first torch, revealing the second that lies beyond normal reach. Sigil Arrows once again make the process easier, as players form a line through their usage that allows them to light the torch. Finally, close to the entrance of this space, the third torch can barely be seen in a cavern toward the right section of the room, which Sigil Arrows once again may lead a path to, proving the utility of this new move in God of War: Ragnarok. Unlike the previous puzzle piece, a Fire Bomb is necessary to throw at the bubbles made by the Arrows to ignite the final torch.

Ring the Bells at The Oarsman

God of War: Ragnarok Nornir Chest in Midgard Realm near The Oarsman Location Player Perspective Screenshot w/HUD

While the last three puzzles demanded players alight torches, this final conundrum with the Nornir Chests requires more use of the Leviathan Axe by ringing three bells near the Treasure. Next to the Mystic Gateway, a statue in The Oarsman area designates the section where the chest is located, to which players must climb up a scalable wall next to the region’s entrance to find the bells. A boss named a “Huntress” must be defeated before players can traverse along a golden chain, but it is far less difficult than previous Valkyries from God of War (2018). Finally, finding a similar silver chain that unlocks a secret hallway leading to the Nornir Chest itself.

Next to the door leading to this hidden area, a Sonic debris pile blocks one of the bells that must be destroyed first. Players must ring each bell within a short timeframe of each other to unlock the Chest, so determining the best order in which to view these objects remains a crucial part of the puzzle. The second and third bells are visible through a fissure in the wall near the Chest and at the other end of the cavern, respectfully. Finishing this task unlocks the last Nornir Chest from the Midgard realm in God of War: Ragnarok, granting much-desired Treasure for players to enjoy during their playthrough.

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