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Grown Alchemist’s Detox Serum Is a Perfect Dose of Light Hydration


The weather in New York City this summer has been nothing short of muggy. The air feels thick and heavy, like there’s a storm cloud hovering at street level. It’s the kind of weather that, if you’re out in the countryside, could feel indulgent and pleasantly lazy-making. I remember when I was a teenager, an older woman once told me this sort of humidity was “good for the complexion,” and I’ve always sort of believed that. But when you’re surrounded by traffic and grime, it just feels icky.

Which is why I’ve been reaching for light, refreshing skincare products that are packed with protective antioxidants. One standout has been the Detox Serum from Grown Alchemist, which I’ve been applying liberally after my morning shower in lieu of moisturizer. It’s a clear, oil-free gel made with tripeptides and complex antioxidants that help keep skin clear and protected from pollution. (A bonus: patting drops of it onto my face brings me back to the satisfying sensation of being a kid, rubbing aloe vera gel on a sunburn for the first time.)

On days when the air feels like soup, it’s been a godsend—it keeps me looking smooth and hydrated, never greasy. Occasionally I’ll combine it with a few pumps of the Fig. 1 Niacinamide Nourishing Treatment, for a bit of extra oomph, but it also works great on its own as a daytime lotion. The best thing about it is that it’s an excellent base under makeup or sunscreen—there’s absolutely zero pilling, patchiness or sticky residue to contend with. Just a subtle, clear glow that feels like it’s working as a shield against the fog.


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