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GTA Online Is Rewarding Players For UFO Sightings

Grand Theft Auto Online is celebrating the Halloween season by rewarding players who successfully capture UFO sightings over Los Santos on camera.

A special Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween event is rewarding players who deliver photographic proof of UFO sightings. Rockstar Games’ open-world crime franchise has featured unidentified flying objects in the past, serving as both urban legends and actual in-game mysteries to discover. Halloween 2021 saw aliens invade Grand Theft Auto Online, and this year spotting UFOs can lead to exciting in-game rewards.

UFOs have become something of a tradition in Rockstar Games titles, with alien spacecraft making notable appearances in both Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. The spooky season often draws aliens back to Grand Theft Auto Online, too, with each year adding new extraterrestrial events to uncover. For Halloween 2020 GTA Online added a new Fort Zancudo Business Battle, which saw players fight government agents and loot a UFO crash site for technology. Halloween 2021 then saw aliens return to Los Santos with a vengeance, leading to an all-out war with otherworldly forces, and now a new GTA Online UFO mission is ringing in the spooky season once again.


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A blog post from Rockstar Games details the Halloween festivities coming to Grand Theft Auto Online this year, including rewards for UFO sightings. Players will be able to earn virtual cash and festive cosmetics by tracking down Jack O’ Lanterns, participating in the competitive Judgement Day mode and experiencing the return of the survival horror game mode Slasher. Spooky alien UFOs will also be found across the Los Santos sky, and players will be able to record them using the Snapmatic camera. Documenting every UFO sighting in Grand Theft Auto Online throughout October will earn a generous reward from an alien enthusiast.

GTA Online Brings Back Alien Spacecraft For Halloween

While Rockstar Games has added official in-game UFO sightings, a GTA Online alien gang war also broke out among the game’s community back in 2020. The high-profile event allegedly began on TikTok, but it quickly escalated to full-blown extraterrestrial warfare across the streets of Los Santos. The two sides of the conflict wore green and purple alien jumpsuits, and their constant fighting threatened to tear the GTA Online world apart. The conflict came to a head on May 15, 2020, with a final showdown bringing an end to the intergalactic gang war.

Grand Theft Auto Online is nearly a decade old, but Rockstar Games continues to support the multiplayer experience with frequent updates and holiday events. Aliens have been a big part of the game’s past, so the return of strange aircraft over Los Santos is sure to bring some fans back for some otherworldly documentation. The UFO event will run throughout October, so Grand Theft Auto Online players should keep an eye on the sky and a hand on the camera.

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