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Here’s How You Can Feel Young Again, No Matter How Old You Are

Today, you woke up and looked in the mirror to find someone you didn’t recognize. It’s okay! The person staring back at you is the future you whom you have recently become. It’s shocking, but you’ll live. Do you want to try to relive your past now? Here are some ideas to help you feel young again.

Take Care of Your Skin

Your skin is an indicator of your overall health, so taking good care of it can make you look healthy. If you look healthy, you can feel healthy, too. Now is the time to give your skin the loving care it deserves.

Don’t be afraid to spend money and time on your skin. You may not look like you did as a teenager, but you will notice the results, and it will please you. Buy some skincare supplies and gently rub them into your skin. Doesn’t it feel smooth? Apply as much as you desire and enjoy looking a few years younger.

If you like looking young, you could also do so from the inside out. Tea is known for its anti-aging properties, so heat a cup of your favorite tea and drink to your youth! The antioxidants in the tea work to slow down or prevent aging by preventing cell damage. Alternatively, an antioxidant supplement can take the place of tea when you don’t have access to any around you.

Dress Like You Just Don’t Care

Who says you have to dress your age? Not you! Don’t let society tell you how you can or cannot dress. Go against the grain and dress up in a way that makes you feel young. T-shirts, jeans, overalls, sweat pants, and designer hats are all at your beck and call!

Dressing as you did in the past can make you feel content. You can take it a step further by attending a Retro Party, where everyone dresses up in outfits from the ’80s, and dance the night away. You may even end up making new friends there, too! Show off your retro fashion sense and shake it at a Retro Party.

Message Old Friends

Do you keep in contact with your friends from the past? People never truly change, no matter how many years pass, so you may be pleasantly surprised to find yourself feeling young again. Not into phone calls? Try texting, instead!

An old friend can bring out what you thought you left behind long ago. Were you a nerd in school? Did you become prom king or queen? Were you a star quarterback? Let the memories rush in as you reminisce with your friends.

Visit a Place From Your Past

Ready to feel shocked? One secret to feeling young is to visit a place you knew from your past. Preferably, you could go somewhere you spent a lot of time and knew intimately. If you haven’t seen that place in a long time, you will get the opportunity to feel overwhelmed with resurging memories. You’re welcome!

Need some ideas for places to visit from your past? Here is a brief list for you to use as inspiration:

  • An old house your family lived in years ago
  • A school you haven’t seen in years
  • The place where you landed your first job
  • A restaurant you spent a lot of time in
  • A shopping mall where you spent your younger days
  • The spot where you had your first kiss

Now you’re really digging deep! As you unleash the memories from your past, let them overtake you and give them complete control. Feelings like this come once in a lifetime, so you should savor them for as long as possible. It’s okay to cry—here are some tissues.

Everybody gets older, and that’s quite normal! You cannot escape time no matter how hard you try, but you can take control of your emotions by allowing yourself to feel young again. Enjoy many youthful experiences with the activities outlined above.

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