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How It Works & Benefits, Explained


Mercedes-Benz offers a Roadside Assistance program for its gasoline, plug-in, and electric cars, but how does it work and what services are covered?

Mercedes-Benz offers a Roadside Assistance program for its gasoline, plug-in, and electric models, but how does it work and what benefits can users expect? Although vehicle breakdowns are common enough, enrolling in a roadside assistance program can offer peace of mind. Some automakers offer 24/7 assistance with services ranging from towing to tire changes. Others have even made it possible for customers to access their services using smartphone applications. For example, drivers can request Tesla’s roadside assistance services through the Tesla app.


Mercedes-Benz offers roadside assistance for a variety of issues, from an urgent tire change to jump-starting a battery. Mercedes offers three simple ways to receive any of the available services. Customers can opt to press the wrench or me-button in the car, dial 1-800-367-6372 to connect with a representative, or tap the Roadside Assistance button in the Mercedes me app. It should be noted that for the first method to work, drivers should be mbrace subscribers. mbrace is a package of unique features that enhance the Mercedes ownership experience.

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Services Offered And Restrictions

A parked Mercedes Roadside Assistance vehicle beside an iPhone displaying the Mercedes me app.

Mercedes-Benz’s Roadside Assistance program includes vehicle towing which comes in handy if the car has been in an accident or encounters a mechanical problem. Mercedes will arrange for the vehicle to be hauled to the nearest dealer for free. If there’s sizable damage, the automaker’s closest collision center will jump in. Trip Interruption is also covered as the service is designed to help drivers when the unexpected happens. Interestingly, drivers are eligible for up to $300 in reimbursement for lodging, food, and other related expenses. However, they need to be more than 100 miles from home, agree to leave their vehicle overnight for repair, and confirm that the car is under warranty.

In situations where the complimentary services are insufficient, Mercedes will dispatch a certified technician to the scene. Mercedes requires subscribers of its Roadside Assistance program to have a certified warranty which could be a New Vehicle Limited Warranty, Extended Limited Warranty, or Certified Pre-Owned Warranty. Meanwhile, certain circumstances may prevent Mercedes-Benz from rendering any assistance to users. These extraordinary situations include acts of nature like flooding, heavy snowstorms, and restricted roadways. It also applies to vehicles parked in positions that may prove difficult for the tow truck to access. While the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance program does have some limitations, it’s a useful add-on for Mercedes owners to subscribe to.

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