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How Long Does It Take To Charge A BMW EV?


For those looking to invest in a BMW EV, it makes sense to look at the different home and public charging options and wait times for each.

For those looking to invest in a BMW EV, it makes sense to look at available charging options and the charging speeds on offer. It’s no surprise that the German automaker has taken a stab at EV production, considering how big the market currently is and how much it’s expected to grow. The EV segment is already saturated with competition from major brands like General Motors and Tesla, alongside newbies like Lucid and Rivian.

Charging is a serious concern for EV buyers, and ties into the ever-present range anxiety. However, BMW has prioritized charging by offering several options that should satisfy the needs of most customers. There are three levels of chargers, with each offering different speeds. Level 1 charging involves plugging a 120V cord into any outlet. With this method, BMW EV owners get four miles of range per hour. Meanwhile, a 240V charger (Level 2) offers up to 30 miles per hour, and this is method available at home or in public. Level 3, the fastest means of charging, can add about 90 miles per 10 minutes, and is available at public DC fast chargers.


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BMW Home Fast Charging Solutions

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For those who don’t want to rely on a DC fast charging station, there are a couple of home charging solutions available. The Flexible Fast Charger is included with all BMW EV purchases, and is compatible with both 120V and 240V outlets. Since it can be plugged into any household outlet, it can be taken along to charge on-the-go.

Meanwhile, BMW also offers the Wallbox, a Level 2 home charger. Both the Flexible Fast Charger and Wallbox charge at a speed of 9.6 kW when plugged into a 240W outlet, and can fully charge a BMW EV in 12 hours. The Wallbox also features a weatherproof design, allowing it to be installed outdoors if needed.

Installation of the Wallbox has been simplified thanks to Qmerit, one of the largest providers of certified electricians. Aside from the charger, Qmerit can also handle the installation of a 240V outlet. All that’s needed is to fill out the provider’s online home assessment form. Afterwards, Qmerit will find a qualified installer who will first make an inspection and share a quote. Replacement of existing chargers is possible too. Qmerit also offers a Concierge service where dedicated personnel will provide the BMW EV owner with additional details about the installation process.

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