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How to Change a Pokémon’s Tera Type in Scarlet & Violet


Trainers in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have the ability to change their Pokémon’s Tera Types giving trainers more customization for their teams.

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Changing a Pokémon’s Tera Type in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gives trainers a unique way to build a team for battle. However, to do this, trainers need to defeat the Medali Gym Leader, Larry. Additionally, trainers will need to do Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids for 50 Tera Shards, which can then be exchanged for the chosen Tera type from the NPC. Trainers may do this multiple times to any Pokémon of their choice if they want to try different strategies.


Larry’s gym battlefield inside the Treasure Eatery is where trainers can find the NPC that changes Tera Types in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. This can be located in the town of Medali northeast of Cascarrafa Town. After completing the gym challenge and defeating Larry’s Normal-type team, the restaurant’s chef will prompt the player. They will then give 50 Normal-type shards that trainers can use on their Pokémon for the first time. To best use this gift, consider giving the Normal-type Tera to a Pokémon with strong Normal-type moves or a Ghost-type Pokémon to erase its weaknesses.

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How to Find Tera Shards

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid Battle Eevee Terastralized into a Fire-type

To farm up 50 Tera Shards effectively, trainers should first build raid-ready Pokémon using monsters such as Perrserker or Iron Hands. Tera Shards are used to change a Pokémon’s Tera Type in Scarlet and Violet. After building a raid-ready Pokémon, challenge raids using different strategies and type advantages according to the Tera Type the trainer seeks to give their Pokémon. For example, an Iron Hands will do well against a Dark-type like Umbreon; however, if the Umbreon is a Fairy Tera type, it will have a hard time defeating it quickly. Furthermore, internet connectivity with Nintendo Switch Online gives trainers an advantage as they can then depend on other trainers with raid-ready Pokémon instead of NPCs.

Get More Tera Shards Fast Using Sandwiches

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Picnic Sandwich With Lots Of Ingredients

Certain Sandwich Recipes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet help trainers farm up more Tera Shards faster. According to YouTuber Papa Jefé, trainers using level 2 Raid Power Sandwiches can get extra drops, resulting in a total of 8 Tera Shards at a time. Likewise, Level 3 Sandwiches are also very effective as they can guarantee the chance of extra drops.

Best Pokémon With a Different Tera Type

Pokemon's Hydreigon in a Tera cave with a purple circular energy forming behind it.

The ease of changing a Pokémon’s Tera Type in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet shifted the entire metagame resulting in new strategies. Strong Pokémon like Breloom or Hydreigon in Ranked Battles can eliminate their 4x weaknesses when switching their Tera type. With added abilities, Pokémon like Rotom, with the ability Levitate, gives them immunity to Ground-type moves and can Terastallize to Electric-type, giving it no weaknesses at all. Finally, to avoid a flinching status condition from the Normal-type move Fake Out, change a Pokémon’s Tera Type to Ghost so it can be immune to the move.

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Source: YouTube/PapaJeféPKMN

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