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How To Create A Minecraft Realms Private Server


Minecraft Realms makes it possible for players to create their own private servers, available to them and their chosen friends at all times.

Minecraft Realms is a paid subscription service that allows players to create their own personal servers for themselves and their friends. These servers are always online and available to anyone invited to them. Fortunately, these servers are closed to anyone who was not invited. This can make Realms a beneficial service for anyone wanting a more personal experience.

Minecraft is a constantly changing game in which players often interact with others, whether friends or strangers. Therefore, the Minecraft Realms subscription service was added to allow up to ten players plus the owner to be on a private server. This is also a way to create a private server for a family to share, allowing everyone to create a new world together while protecting younger players from any risks on a public server. It is also for anyone who wants to share their creations without risking a stranger destroying a precision build.


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How To Set Up a Private Minecraft Realms Server

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To create a private server in Minecraft Realms, a player will first need to choose which subscription is best for them. There are two different subscriptions available in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. In the Java Edition, there is only one subscription tier. Every subscription tier allows players to create a private realm that friends can join for free. There are three world slots for every subscription as well. Only the Java Edition supports crossplay between Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The main difference between the tiers is the number of players. While either will allow players to explore Minecraft worlds together, an essential Realms subscription costs $3.99 USD and supports the owner and two extra players. The Realms Plus subscription, as well as the Java Edition, costs $7.99 and supports the owner and up to ten other players.

Once a subscription has been activated, it is relatively easy to create a private server. To get to the right menu, log into the Microsoft account, and select the play button. There should be a “Create New” option at the top of the “Worlds” menu in Minecraft. Select that, and a few choices will pop up. Continue onto “Create New World,” and the settings for doing so will pop up. Once there, choose the best settings for that Realm.

The suggested setting for friends is to add them as a “Visitor” and then change the multiplayer setting for that Minecraft Realm later if desired. From there, click “Create on Realms.” The owner will then be able to select the tier, and if a subscription has not yet been activated, they can enter the payment information then.

After that, it is possible to jump right into the new private server that has been created. Players can then choose to add their friends. Of note, the owner can invite as many friends as they want, but the active number of players in the Minecraft server at one time is limited to the amount determined by the subscription tier. The owner and invited friends will now have access to the Realm 24/7, assuming the Realm is not at capacity when they try to join. This means players can create new Minecraft stories and new adventures together.

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