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How To Extract Weapon Patterns In Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has arrived and, while the weapon shaping system still exists, the pattern extraction process has changed.

Extracting weapon patterns in Destiny 2 has changed with the arrival of the Lightfall expansion and the beginning of a new year for Bungie’s online shooter. Players can travel to The Enclave to forge their own weapons by collecting weapon patterns and, after leveling them, change their perks for a more customized type of gameplay.

Before Lightfall arrived, extracting weapon patterns in Destiny 2 could have been done differently. Initially, weapons with Deepsight Resonance could be leveled to unlock the Deepsight Resonance and then extract the pattern. This was the main process for all the weapons, including Destiny 2’s Fire and Forget Linear Fusion Rifle. The second method to unlock the pattern was by simply dismantling these Deepsight weapons with red borders. Of course, some weapons require multiple patterns to be acquired before the whole pattern is unlocked.

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Some of Destiny 2: Season of Defiance's weapons, including a rifle, a shotgun, a sword, and a grenade launcher. They all have a crystal effect along with the Reef Queen's symbol.

With Lightfall, the process of extracting weapon patterns in Destiny 2 has changed slightly. Instead of completing the Deepsight Resonance or dismantling the weapon to extract it, players have to follow a different procedure. Once a weapon with a red border and whose extractable pattern is obtained, they should inspect it. On the right side of the Mod section, they will encounter the Pattern section. This will open a sub-menu where they will see a button called “Extract Pattern.” By clicking on it, they will conclude what is needed.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has brought forth many different weapons, some of which can be shaped at The Enclave after its pattern has been unlocked. Of course, as was the case before, many of these weapons require multiple weapon pattern extractions in Destiny 2 for the whole pattern to become complete. This means players will have to obtain the Deepsight Resonance weapon and extract its pattern many times before being able to forge it.

Destiny 2: Lightfall's key art, showing the three Guardian classes in their new armor sets with the retrowave Neptunian city in the background as they are watched by Calus and The Witness.

Players need to open the Collections page to check how the weapon pattern is progressing and how many times they need to extract weapon patterns in Destiny 2. While the Patterns and Catalysts page used to be accessible through the Triumphs page, that has since changed with Lightfall, and it can now be found in Collections. There, players will see the possible craftable weapons and the pattern progress on each weapon.

Some weapon extractions require three patterns, while others may need up to five.

Shaping weapons is still a work in progress, but it is an effective method of creating God Rolls and customizing one’s gameplay to the max. While there is still the need to extract weapon patterns in Destiny 2 before actually forging them, this is a great way to familiarize players with the weapons they use and how they should use them. Destiny 2 has reached Year 6 with Lightfall, and many quality-of-life additions have been implemented into the game, including extracting weapon patterns.

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