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How To Find Night Shards In Disney Dreamlight Valley


One of the most common items that players need for various questlines in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Dream Shard counterpart, the Night Shard.

The Night Shard is a type of crafting material in Disney Dreamlight Valley that players will need during specific main story missions and character quests during their adventure. Not to be confused with the shiny and pink Dream Shards, Night Shards are cut black crystals that look like their Dream Shard counterparts but are missing color. Typically, Dreamers must procure these dark gems to make a magically enchanted item or a spell to restore a Villager’s memory after The Forgetting. Whatever the case, Night Shards are a resource every individual must collect and know how to farm to progress their journey in Dreamlight Valley.


While there might be multiple known sources of Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the most common and reliable method of acquiring this resource is through digging dirt mounds with the Royal Shovel. The Royal Shovel is a tool player will receive at the start of their journey and can be used to unearth the spots of cracked earth throughout every biome. Once removed, these dirt mound nodes do not disappear forever but will respawn every few hours in multiple locations across the map.

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Night Shards Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Using Night Shards for Crafting in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Accordingly, the number of Night Shards players can acquire is technically infinite as long as they do not mind grind-digging across Disney Dreamlight Valley. According to several community members like PunchNShoot have discovered that these shards are only acquired from “large” dirt mounds, as opposed to the smaller nodes of cracked earth. In addition, players might have noticed that the dirt mounds they encounter across the Valley have two primary sizes, one notably larger than the other. Accordingly, there might be a chance that these larger nodes have a higher possibility of yielding Night Shards. Therefore, if players struggle to get these dark crystals during their adventure, focusing on digging up the larger dirt nodes might help.

Once newcomers have acquired several dozen Nights Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they might be curious about how this resource is used. As mentioned above, these shards are used for crafting at a workbench, particularly for making Purified Night Shards. Purified Night Shards are a prerequisite item that fans will see very often during the many questlines in the game. This shard variant is crafted using five Night Shards and a single Dream Shard. Thus, if players need to craft Purified Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley but find themselves short of Night Shards, they can grab their Royal Shovel and dig up dirt.

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Source: Youtube/PunchNShoot

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