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How to Get More Fire Crystals in FFXIV (& What They’re For)


To craft meals as a Culinarian or weapons as a Blacksmith in Final Fantasy XIV, players will need to obtain a sufficient quantity of Fire Crystals.

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Adventurers aiming to become a Cook or Smithy in Final Fantasy XIV will need Fire Crystals, a fundamental resource for crafting foods and weapons. While most basic artisan materials are available from vendors in major cities, Crystals cannot be bought or sold to NPC merchants. Instead, players will need to gather the resource on their own or purchase Fire Crystals from other players using Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. The Market Board is undoubtedly the easiest and quickest way to get any crafting Crystal. However, this method can be quite expensive, costing players up to tens of thousands of Gil for a few hundred Crystals.


Completing quests from the Culinarian and Blacksmith storyline will net players a fair number of Fire Crystals, but those looking to become a committed crafter in their profession will need a reliable source of Crystals. One great way is through doing the Daily Quests for certain Beast Tribes. In particular, the Moogles in The Churning Mists, the Namazu from The Azim Steppe, and the Lakeland Dwarves offer repeatable quests that reward players with Fire Crystals. In addition, attuning to all the FFXIV Aether Currents for flying in the tribe’s zone will certainly be beneficial as Daily Quests require lots of back-and-forth travel.

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The most rudimentary way to amass Fire Crystals in Final Fantasy XIV is through Gathering via Mining and Harvesting. The two most important skills to have when farming Crystals are The Twelve’s Bounty and The Giving Land. The Twelve’s Bounty (Level 20) is a Crystal-farming ability that triples the quantity gathered from a node for 150 GP. The Giving Land (Level 74) increases the number of Crystals collected by a random number for 200 GP.

How To Efficiently Farm Fire Crystal

Here is a list of zones in Final Fantasy XIV where players can efficiently farm several nodes in the same area.

The Dravanian Forelands in Dravania

  • Level 55 Nodes in Chocobo Forest: gathered using Miner
  • Level 55 Nodes in The Smoldering Wastes: gathered using Miner
  • Level 60 Nodes in Avalonia Fallen: gathered using Miner and Botanist (time-dependent)

Yanxia in Othard

  • Level 65 Nodes in The Gensui Chain: gathered using Miner
  • Level 70 Nodes in Unseen Spirits Laughing: gathered using Miner
  • Level 70 Nodes of the Fallen Rainbow: gathered using Botanist

Kholusia in Norvrandt

  • Level 70 Nodes in Shadow Fault: gathered using Miner
  • Level 75 Nodes in Slowroad: gathered using Miner
  • Level 80 Nodes in Amity: gathered using Miner
  • Level 80 Nodes in Komra: gathered using Miner (time-dependent)

Alternatively, Final Fantasy XIV players can farm Fire Sprites in Southern Thanalan, Azys Lla, and The Lochs to obtain Fire Crystal drops.

Passive Methods To Farm Fire Crystals

Players can collect crystals passively if they don’t want to go through the arduous task of mining them annually. The easiest method involves sending retainers to gather fire crystals. For this method to work, players should have gathered the Fire Crystal at least once, so retainers in FFXIV know what to gather. Once a retainer has been leveled up on lower-tier expeditions, they can be sent out to gather any kind of crystal, including the Fire Crystal.

The other method players can use involves growing Fire Crystals which requires players to have a housing plot. The plot can either be a personal house or even guild related for this method to work. Players will only require some soil and seeds to place a planter box in FFXIV‘s housing plot from which players can harvest fire crystals. If players use Aetherial Reduction (unlocked at level 56), they will be able to harvest about 100 crystals per reduction.

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