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How To Get The Portal Buster Armor In Minecraft Legends


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The Portal Buster Armor comes to Minecraft Legends as a Hero skin players can get by completing the game’s first monthly challenge. This shiny gold attire comes as an alternate costume of sorts that players may wear as they drive back Piglin forces from their base. Since this cosmetic also shows up in multiplayer modes, players can show off their challenge reward to their friends.

The event tied to the Portal Buster Armor is called Portal Pie, which comes featured with the Lost Legends missions. These challenges usually have unique mechanics or gimmicks that make them a different experience from the base game. Additionally, Lost Legends are great to do with friends in Co-Op since every player has a chance to receive not only the Portal Armor cosmetic but also exclusive mounts and other special items.


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How To Unlock The Portal Buster Armor

Minecraft Legends Portal Pie Lost Legend Mission that Gives Players Portal Buster Armor for Completing it

Players can pick up the Portal Pie Lost Legend by going to the Marketplace in the Main Menu. The Lost Legends are available on the following tab, which activates a mission where players must defeat 20 waves of Piglin enemies. Surviving the onslaught of Piglins with the best PvE bases in Minecraft Legends by the end of twenty rounds gives players the Portal Buster Armor as a free reward, unlike other Hero Skins found in the game.

The Portal Buster Armor can be earned by defeating 20 waves of Piglin enemies in the Portal Pie Lost Legend mission.

As of this time of writing, the Portal Pie mission remains the only Lost Legend in the game right now, representing the first monthly challenge. Future missions are sure to offer new Hero skins, though it is unsure whether the Portal Buster Armor will remain available in later months. Finishing Portal Pie before the end of April 2023 could be the only chance players have to get this cosmetic item.

How To Equip The Portal Buster Armor

Minecraft Legends Portal Buster Armor Skin Equipping from Heroes and Mounts Menu

The Portal Buster Armor resides in the Marketplace as an item within the player’s Inventory. After ensuring the skin is there, players can go to the Main Menu and select the “Switch Hero” prompt to choose a different skin. The resplendent armor should show up when players load into any old or new game, whether in PvE or PvP mode.

The Hero Skin may look dashing, especially when riding a mount, but players do not gain any gameplay advantages from wearing it. Those who learn how to get the Portal Buster Armor in Minecraft Legends can only wear this gear to look more like a regal commander when exploring the Overworld or fighting their enemies.


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