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How to Level Up Fast in Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters


Being able to level up specific party members fast in Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters plays a key part to beating high level dungeons in the main story.

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters features familiar RPG mechanics as players build experience with individual members of their party to level up fast and gain new abilities and skills. Although the main narrative of this game has plenty of battles to embark upon, the new friends found along the way pose an exciting challenge for players as the extra company emphasizes finding opportunities to gain XP quickly for all their allies. Through the unique social media system present in this title, called Chirper, players have many chances in each chapter to find the events they need to progress every character at their disposal.


The easiest and perhaps most consistent way to level up fast in Neptunia: SVS comes from using the player’s rPhone and the Chirper application, which indicates available sidequests. Since new side content appears in every new chapter, players have fresh options to gain fast XP through these events. In addition, Gamindustri holds plenty of dungeons and secret locations near fast travel spots that encourage exploration, so players are recommended to investigate new areas as they open up, not only to level up their party but also to prepare themselves for tougher dungeons that may exist later on.

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Best Items For Leveling Up Fast in Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters

Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters RPG Game with Party Character Wielding Pink Sword During Promotional Trailer

Discs are unique pieces of equipment players discover and craft through the disc development system and act as modifiers used by specific party members. Each disc consists of three parts, the Scout to oversee its construction, the Genre or type of disc being made, and finally, a support item that gets added at the end. For a small in-game currency cost, players assign these discs to be completed within a small timeframe, usually upwards of ten minutes or less. In addition, secondary effects are given from these discs when equipped, ranging from active and passive increases in equal measure.

By selecting the Sandbox specialist Scout Ms. Manual, and subsequently the Sandbox Genre, players will construct a disc that gives them Experience+ for a bonus to XP gained during fights. Aspects of this game’s crafting process are crucial to get right, and while the support item doesn’t typically matter, the immense variety of discs demands strict combinations for the intended result. Being able to level up fast in Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters helps players deal with enemies that only grow in strength within the hack-and-slash style dungeons, especially at the final challenges in later chapters.

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