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How To Unlock Calling Cards in MW2


Calling Cards in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) allow players to mark their kills with a unique flair that identifies their skills in battle.

Player expression throughout the avenues of second-to-second shootouts from Modern Warfare 2 comes in the form of Calling Cards in this First-Person Shooter, which leaves a unique flair when an enemy dies. One part of the extensive customization options present in Modern Warfare 2, Calling Cards are instantly recognizable during a match, identifying individual prowess on the battlefield the more a player spreads their effect during Killstreaks. Equipped to Loadouts as players spawn into matches, Calling Cards are unlocked through the completion of certain objectives in association with other challenges present in the game.


Calling Cards in Modern Warfare 2 are earned through three sources: Twitch Drops, the single-player Campaign mode, and Mastery Cards through Mastery Camo challenges. Although playing the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2 is required for players seeking the Mastery Camos for the Mastery Calling Cards, the other two methods take surprisingly little effort to achieve. However, one of these methods has been revealed to be limited, indicating a player links accounts to sources of media to earn the Twitch Drop Calling Cards before November 6th, 2022.

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Obtaining Calling Cards in Modern Warfare 2

The Twitch Drop Calling Cards are only gained when players create an Activision account that connects to their Twitch Prime. Once an Amazon Prime Gaming account is also joined with a Twitch profile, players must simply watch a Modern Warfare 2 streamer in order to unlock the appropriate Calling Card. No matter if the player is muted while playing Modern Warfare 2, viewers must continue to have that broadcast open for at least 30 minutes before unlocking the “Death’s Angel” Calling Card.

The Campaign and Mastery Camo Calling Cards tie more into the actual gameplay of Modern Warfare 2. Whereas the Campaign Calling Cards only ask players to complete specific narrative missions before gaining the accessory, the Mastery Camo Cards demand players upgrade their weapons through enough gameplay to reach the Mastery Camo customization skin(s). There are four Mastery Camos in total, each being a progressive increase from the other. Additionally, the Calling Cards associated are only unlocked when players reach a certain number of kills with the Camo equipped, encouraging players to gain as many killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2 as possible.

Campaign Calling CardHow to Unlock
Soap’s Determination
  • Complete the “Strike” campaign mission.
Shadows Company Ops
  • Complete the “Alone” campaign mission.
  • Complete the “Recon By Fire” campaign mission.
  • Complete the “Borderline” campaign mission.
Mastery Calling CardHow to Unlock
Gold Mastery Calling Card
  • Gain 100 kills with the Gold Camo equipped (1 Gold Mastery Calling Card per gun).
Platinum Mastery Calling Card
  • Gain 200 kills with the Gold Camo equipped (1 Platinum Mastery Calling Card per gun).
Polyatomic Mastery Calling Card
  • Gain 300 kills with the Gold Camo equipped (1 Polyatomic Mastery Calling Card per gun).
Orion Mastery Calling Card
  • Gain 400 kills with the Gold Camo equipped (1 Orion Mastery Calling Card per gun).

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