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How To Unlock Perks With The Gifter Level Up Program


You can now benefit from exclusive features if you support your favorite TikTok creators. Discover the rewards of the Gifter Level Up Program.

Patrons on TikTok will be able to unlock rewards to showcase their support to their favorite creators. TikTok Live is one of the most engaging features of the app allowing users to connect with the followers who ask questions and send messages in the chat. Loyal fans can even honor creators by sending gifts during the live sessions.

TikTok’s most active contributors will now be able to unlock exclusive features to help them stand out of the crowd with the Gifter Level Up Program. This new benefit is TikTok’s way of thanking users who support creators during Live events. These rewards add a special touch for regular patrons and make them more visible to the creators they are contributing to.


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Unlocking Entrance Spotlight And Exclusive Gifts

Two phones displaying TikTok Live. Left phone features Level Up exclusive gifts. Right phone features Gifter Level Up Badge Rewards

To earn TikTok’s Level Up features, viewers must first gain Experience Points. Earning points is pretty easy to do, but it isn’t free. It all starts with purchasing coins used to buy virtual items for their favorite creators. During a live TikTok stream, users can tap on the Gift icon or the Rose and select ‘Recharge’ to purchase coins. As patrons buy gifts, they earn Experience Points. The more expensive the present, the more points the fan makes to level up faster. As the patron passes through each threshold and gains badges, they unlock perks.

These perks include exclusive gifts the user can send their favorite creators and impressive animation, or Entrance Spotlight, to welcome the user into the Live Room. Currently, there are six different gifts that can be unlocked. Once the user reaches level 10, they can acquire the first gift, Marvelous Confetti, which will cost the user 100 coins to use. The most expensive TikTok gift is worth 34,999 coins, and the user must reach level 40. They will still have to pay for coins to use the exclusive gift. The Entrance Spotlight requires a minimum level of 25, and the animation will activate if they enter a Live Room with less than 100 viewers. As the level rises, so does the viewer cap that triggers the visual effect.

TikTok doesn’t get all the money the fan spends when sending users virtual gifts. When a creator is sent a gift, they can sell the virtual item back to TikTok and get paid. Think of it as a fancy tip. The Galaxy is an excellent gift for TikTok users new to gifting, as viewers love the aesthetic, and it is also reasonably priced.

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