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How to Unlock Soda Can Door Code in The Last of Us 2


During the player’s journey in The Last of Us Part 2, they will encounter many safes and doors that are locked behind a code. As a result, players will usually need to solve some environmental puzzle or scour the area to find the code hidden away somewhere. Getting into these locked areas, though, is incredibly worth it and will give players access to ammo, resources, and upgrade materials that are extremely hard to find otherwise.

One of the more clever gate puzzles players will need to solve is the soda can door code that appears in the Tunnels chapter. Players will need to explore the area and use some critical thinking skills to discover the door’s code and gain access to the room’s loot.


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How To Solve The Soda Can Door Puzzle in The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 Vending Machine

Several steps are involved in opening this door and aren’t exactly easy to discover. While exploring the lounge area just before the locked door, players will find a note in the back corner on a table. This note was left for a forgetful person that could never remember the door code. The note tells players that they should buy a drink to unlock the door, which in a way, helps solve this puzzle in The Last Of Us Part 2. In addition, players will notice a vending machine conveniently placed nearby.

Players should smash the vending machine’s glass and grab the soda inside to find another note attached to the drink. This note will have part of the solution to the Soda Can Door puzzle.

This note will give the player the first three numbers of the code: 1-5-2. There are still two more numbers to discover, but the room has no other notes to discover. So solving the rest of the puzzle will take some guesswork.

If players interact with the door, they will notice there are only five buttons for the code, and each button can only be pressed once. If 1-5-2 have already been pushed, the other two numbers that can be used are 3 and 4. The code that opens the door is 1-5-2-4-3. Once the door is open, the player can grab a large number of crafting materials, upgrade parts, ammo, and even a few supplements strewn across this room. Players should make it a habit to search all these locked rooms, as some will even give them access to new weapons, such as The Last Of Us Part 2‘s Pump Shotgun.

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