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The Indian Grocery Store Business and Its Rise

Gone are the days when Indian grocery stores were old and run down. Now, the Indian grocery store business is rising at a rapid pace. As per data shared by Forrester Research, the Indian grocery sector accounted for USD 608 billion in 2020. It is probable that the business will touch new heights again. As more and more people are developing a taste for Indian foods, the Indian grocery store business is rising in the US as well. Here you can know all about the Indian grocery store business and its rise in the recent past. 

A Monthly Routine

Buying groceries is a part of Indian homes’ monthly tasks. A person who is in charge of the kitchen and managing the household, usually the woman of the house, prepares a list of groceries needed on the first day of every month. They make sure that they stock groceries for the entire month at once to ensure that they don’t have to invest their time and energies in preparing a list after every few days. They also take care of every household member’s needs to ensure that they don’t run out of anything a family member needs. This trend helps in keeping the grocery business growing with time. 

More Purchasing Power

With time, the purchasing power of Indian households is increasing at a rapid pace. When people have more money, they are willing to spend more on groceries. People are willing to pay a higher amount for quality products. They have also become brand-oriented and eager to pay more to get products from a particular brand. 

Health Conscious Crowd

With time, the crowd is becoming more health-conscious. People are willing to pay more for organically grown stuff like fruits and vegetables because they believe it will be good for their overall health and well-being. People are also more willing to try new healthy variations of the products they regularly need to consume less sugar-laden or salt-laden foods. 

Rise of Time-Saving Options

Another reason for the rise of the Indian grocery store business is that people are short on time. As both husband and wife work professionally in most households, the customers are looking for products that help them save time. As a result, groceries like pre-cut fruits and vegetables and frozen foods or canned foods are more in demand. The demand for these products further drives the growth of the Indian grocery store business. 

Hassle-Free Returns

With time, the store owners have also become more tolerant. They allow buyers to return the products they don’t need. They even allow returns for products that fail to meet customer expectations. The hassle-free return policies have helped spread word-of-mouth marketing and ensured that buyers find the entire purchase experience to be more satisfactory. 

Free Deliveries

Free deliveries at the doorstep is a new invention for many Indian grocery stores. Some only began it as the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, and people were too scared to even step out of their homes. As people are already short on time, this option has helped them avoid wasting time commuting to the store. Instead, they just order and get stuff delivered within a few hours. 

Supporting the Locals

The trend of supporting the local shops is also rising. People are also reconnecting to their roots and depending more on ayurvedic remedies like turmeric to heal wounds and get better after the flu. These trends have led to the rise of Indian grocery stores that stock such essentials and support the local farmers. 

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