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Ironheart & Armor Wars Can Properly Introduce Doctor Doom To The MCU


Doctor Doom can receive a grand MCU introduction in upcoming Marvel projects Ironheart and Armor Wars. Since Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019 and the reveal of the Fantastic Four project coming to the MCU in 2025, many have been wondering when Marvel’s First Family’s arch nemesis will be making his MCU debut. After two failed attempts by Fox to do justice for the infamous super-villain, Marvel Studios’ take on Doctor Doom is an exciting prospect for avid fans, but his introduction could come much sooner than expected, possibly in 2023’s Ironheart.


In Marvel Comics, one of Riri Williams’ first solo stories as Ironheart features a face-off between the Iron Man protégé and Doctor Doom himself, though this isn’t the Doctor Doom that audiences are familiar with. Instead, Doom had acquired Stark technology and created a suit of armor, dubbing himself the Infamous Iron Man, and fighting with SHIELD to take down low-level criminals. Doom’s mix of Stark technology and his trademark magical abilities make him the perfect fit for an Ironheart debut, and later on for a much larger role in Armor Wars, now a feature-length film starring Don Cheadle’s James “Rhodey” Rhodes.

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Doctor Doom Can Be The Infamous Iron Man

Infamous Iron Man Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom takes up the moniker of the Infamous Iron Man after 2016’s Civil War II event in the comics. After decades of trying to steal Tony Stark’s technology, Doom finally succeeds in the wake of 2015’s Secret Wars, taking Stark tech from Tony’s lab and building himself a suit to apparently use for good. In the wake of Stark’s death in the MCU’s Avengers: Endgame, there is certainly scope for this to occur in live action since demand would be high for any leftover Stark technology. It’s likely that two incredible minds such as Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom could have had a history in the MCU, despite the fact that this hasn’t been mentioned yet, and Doom plotting to acquire Stark’s power after the original Avenger’s demise makes sense.

In the comic run of the Infamous Iron Man story, not everyone is happy to see Doctor Doom use Stark’s technology, with several heroes trying to stop him, including Riri Williams, a.k.a. Ironheart. Introducing Doctor Doom as the Infamous Iron Man in Ironheart would certainly give the Disney+ series a level of gravitas that the others might have been lacking, akin to the debut of a variant of Kang the Conqueror in Loki. Doom’s potential use of Stark tech in the MCU also perfectly sets up the events of Armor Wars, which will see Rhodey tracking down Stark’s technology that has fallen into the wrong hands. There are no hands more wrong than Victor Von Doom’s.

Doctor Doom Can Personify Feige’s Magic Vs. Machine Promise

Machine Vs Magic Ironheart The Hood

During the Ironheart presentation at September 2022’s D23 Expo event, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige revealed that the character of the Hood would be appearing in the series and that Ironheart would walk the line between magic and machine. Doom using Stark’s technology to become the Infamous Iron Man perfectly personifies the idea of magic vs. machine perhaps more than any other character. Though Feige mentioned this to tease a battle between Riri Williams and Parker Robbins, a.k.a. the Hood, he could have also been hinting at a possible appearance of Doctor Doom.

It has also been rumored that Mephisto will be making his MCU debut during Ironheart, potentially portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen. Though this hasn’t been officially confirmed, the demon has been teased in the MCU as far back as WandaVision, and with connections to characters in Ironheart, specifically the Hood, his debut in Ironheart seems all the more likely. Both the Hood and Mephisto have a role in 2016’s Infamous Iron Man comic series, so it seems as though the groundwork is being laid to bring Doctor Doom into the MCU on Disney+. In this situation, Mephisto and the Hood would represent the magic, and Ironheart would represent the machine, while Doctor Doom himself would walk the line between both, the perfect representative for both sides of the battle.

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Doctor Doom Would Be The Perfect Villain For Armor Wars

Armor Wars Infamous Iron Man

Though it hasn’t yet been given an official release date, it can be assumed that Armor Wars will pop up during one of the empty slots in the MCU’s Phase 6, setting the stage for the climactic Avengers: Secret Wars. If Doctor Doom was to acquire Stark tech during the events of Ironheart and become the Infamous Iron Man, he would position himself as the perfect adversary for Rhodey during Armor Wars. Originally billed as a Disney+ series, the project has now been reworked as a feature-length film which suggests that the action will be bigger and the storyline will be more significant for the future of the MCU. The storyline will feature Rhodey tracking down stolen Stark technology in the wake of his death, a premise that can be introduced during Ironheart and completed in Armor Wars.

Doctor Doom has already been confirmed to not be the main antagonist of the Fantastic Four once they enter the MCU, which means Marvel must find new heroes to pit the villain against. Doctor Doom would be a formidable adversary for Rhodey in his first solo project as a standalone hero outside of Tony Stark’s shadow, a chance for the long-running Marvel superhero to finally prove his worth. However, Doom shouldn’t make his first appearance in Armor Wars, a character of this scale needs to be built up slowly over time, meaning Ironheart would be the perfect introduction. The future of the MCU is looking incredibly rich, and if Doctor Doom sees his debut in Ironheart, then the concept of Armor Wars will be made even more exciting.

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