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“Irritated” WWE Star Tells Braun Strowman To “Be A Man”


Following his match against Omos at Crown Jewel, Braun Strowman took to Twitter to knock smaller wrestlers. He continues to face blowback weeks later.

Braun Strowman has landed in the cross-hairs of another WWE star for his post-Crown Jewel comments on Twitter. Following his match against Omos, The Monster Of All Monsters took to the platform to knock smaller wrestlers and their flippy style. This drew criticism from all corners of the professional wrestling world. Several of Strowman’s fellow WWE wrestlers responded online, while AEW’s Jeff Jarrett chimed in as well. Now another WWE veteran has decided to speak his mind on the matter, and it might be the toughest pushback fans have seen yet.


Speaking to Corey Graves on his After The Bell podcast, Baron Corbin shared his thoughts about how Strowman has handled the blowback. “If you’re gonna’ go out on social media and say those things and the minute people start firing back at you, you back down, or you cower away, or you try to say it was a joke, that’s when I get irritated. Stand behind what you say, be a man and back it up.” He concluded, stating that “I’m going out there, for ten years now, I’ve irritated people and not cared how they felt.” Corbin also ripped Strowman for calling himself the best big man in the business and making up his own star rating for the Omos match. (h/t and thanks to PostWrestling.com for the transcription)

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Backstage Heat On Braun Strowman Still Appears To Be On

Following Strowman’s comments, it was reported that he had backstage heat. By this point, Crown Jewel was several weeks ago, but it still sounds like some were rubbed the wrong way by the big man’s off-the-cuff comments. Strowman did back peddle like Corbin said he did, as he took to calling the tweet a joke as soon as he started catching flack for it. It hasn’t impacted his push on screen, and he still could be next in line to fight Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown.

That would be a true clash of the titans. Omos is simply massive, and while he’s agile for a man his size, there’s only so much he can do inside a wrestling ring. Gunther isn’t held back in the same way but is still capable of delivering remarkably stiff matches. Braun Strowman would be a fun opponent for at least a little while. Gunther’s chops are the most booming in the business, and his run with the IC title has been fantastic since Triple H took over. The word was that Vince McMahon had soured on Gunther. Thankfully, The Game was able to take over the book, prevent a Gunther burial and bring Strowman back into the fold. Even if that match doesn’t happen, it’ll be interesting to see if WWE parlays Corbin’s words into an on-screen angle with Braun. The tweets have already been mentioned on air, so it’s not like the company is afraid to leverage situations like this into storylines.

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Source: After The Bell, PostWrestling.com


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