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Is Jane Fonda’s Love Interest Dan A Real NFL Player?

Dan, Jane Fonda’s love interest in 80 for Brady, is an NFL player in the film, is this true in real life? Here is the true story behind 80 for Brady.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for 80 for BradyAlthough 80 for Brady is inspired by a real story, not all the characters in the film correspond to real-life people, making the question of whether Dan is fictional or a real NFL player understandable. Loosely based on a real-life story, 80 for Brady does take creative liberties as it tells the story of four lifelong friends who embark on a trip to see their hero, Tom Brady and his New England Patriots play in the Super Bowl. While the movie is inspired by the real-life “over 80” fan club for Brady, some of the characters and plotlines are present only in the film.

Jane Fonda’s character in 80 for Brady, Trish, is one of the four best friends that 80 for Brady follows. During the course of the film, Trish meets former NFL player Dan O’Callahan at the NFL Experience for the 2017 Super Bowl, where the four women go upon arriving in Houston. As they meet again when Dan invites Trish and her friends to a party, the two seem to fall in love with each other. In the film, Dan is an ex-Super Bowl winner who has two different rings from two different teams, both of which exist in real life. However, this doesn’t mean that he’s as authentic as he seems.

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No, 80 For Brady’s Dan Isn’t A Real Former NFL Player

Jane Fonda and Harry Hamlin in 80 for Brady

In 80 for Brady, most characters play real-life characters, especially football players like the one and only Tom Brady, who the film is named after. However, there is one exception to this as Dan is not, in fact, a real former NFL player but a character completely made up for the film, perhaps to add to the plot and center Trish as the protagonist of a love story. Therefore, his story with Trish, and his entire existence and persona overall, is one of the instances in which 80 for Brady changes the real-life story behind the film.

Most of the other NFL players and celebrities in the film are portrayed on screen by their respective selves, such as Guy Fieri and Rob Gronkowski. However, unlike them, Dan is played by the actor Harry Hamlin as he is not a real former NFL player. Despite the fact that he is one of few fictional characters in the film, he could very well be: in fact, the teams the fictional character plays for are both real and he seems to fit very well with the real-life setting and inspiration of 80 for Brady.

Did Trish End Up With Dan In 80 For Brady’s Ending?

Lily Tomlin Jane Fonda Rita Moreno Sally Field 80 for Brady

At the end of 80 for Brady, the characters are all at the football party as the four protagonists celebrate with their family and friends. In fact, the film ends on a happy ending for the four women and the real-life celebrities seen in the film, such as Tom Brady himself. The 80 for Brady cameos are perhaps one of the funniest parts of the film for those in the audience that share the passion for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as the four women in the film.

Therefore, Trish’s romance with Dan seems to have been short-lived. However, this may only signify that 80 for Brady is less about the romance and more about the strong friendship that unites these four women. While they may share a common love for Tom Brady, this seems to be more of an excuse to check on each other and take the trip of a lifetime. In the end, what really shines in 80 for Brady is their relationship with each other and the adventure they all choose to embark on, which includes romance and fun encounters for all of them.

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