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Is Tungsten Good For Rings?


When people talk about rings, most likely metals like gold and platinum come to our minds. However, increasingly popular material is available in the market that is neither of these options and happens to be more reasonable than both of them. If you are looking for something bold and chic, tungsten carbide should be the perfect ring option for you. Tungsten rings have a permanent polish and are a modern alternative to classics, and they strike an elegant design by also saving a lot of your cash.

Every jewelry has its advantages and disadvantages, and we will cover a few of them here. 

Some Pros And Cons Of Rings Made Of Tungsten

Tungsten is pretty new to the jewelry industry. Men’s jewelry has expanded vastly with the rise of tungsten jewelry. The intriguing features of tungsten set it apart from the other materials and thus allowing it to be one of the fastest and the trendiest men’s jewelry craze.

If you are planning on giving your close one a tungsten ring or buy it for yourself, read these advantages and disadvantages before making your decision.

Some pros of buying rings made of tungsten are as follows.

  1. The strength and durability of these rings are praiseworthy.

Everyone admires the strength and durability of this metal. Due to the hardness of tungsten, tungsten rings are scratch-resistant and will not bend easily like the other alternative jewelry options. 

  1. Tungsten rings are a reasonable jewelry option. 

Tungsten rings are a very affordable jewelry option. Their cost is nowhere close to the price of the other precious metals like gold or platinum. The cost of a high-quality tungsten ring can be roughly around $200, whereas gold or platinum rings can approximately cost you $500 to $1000, or sometimes even more. If you ever end up breaking a tungsten ring, you can easily replace it with a new one, and it won’t hurt your savings.

  1. Rings made of tungsten have a very chic and unique look.

What makes these rings look different from the other jewelry options is their unique look. Tungsten rings are available in different colors like white, gray, or black. This aspect makes it ideal for men who avoid traditional gold or silver colors. The sleek, masculine, and elegant appearance of this material also attracts many grooms.

  1. Tungsten rings do not trigger any allergic reaction in the body.

Tungsten is safe as it would not trigger any allergic reaction in the body. Individuals sensitive to other metals like gold or platinum can opt for this option without any worry.

  1. Affordable

Tungsten bands, like all alternative metals, are a less expensive alternative to rings made of precious metals. A high-quality tungsten ring can be found for under $200, but gold and platinum rings can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more. If you shatter a tungsten ring, you won’t have to spend all of your money on a new one.


Tungsten is a pretty good option for rings, and these rings are a great alternative if you are looking for something affordable. Their elegant and chic appearance makes them a unique jewelry option. They are durable, but you can not get them resized because tungsten is a dense metal. So if you are looking to buy one, visit an online store like Intellirings to find some of the best tungsten wedding rings for your wedding day.


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