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Isolation Would Be The Ultimate Hunt


Predator games have failed to adapt the sci-fi series, but using Alien: Isolation as a framework could create the ultimate hunting experience.

Past Predator games failed to capture the franchise’s tone and terror, but following in the footsteps of Alien: Isolation could finally deliver the ultimate extraterrestrial hunt. The beloved franchise started with John McTiernan’s 1987 film, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays paramilitary soldier Alan “Dutch” Schaefer and battles an otherworldly hunter in the jungles of Central America. The sci-fi franchise has been expanded over the years through film sequels, comic book runs, video game adaptations and crossovers with the Alien franchise. The 2020 asymmetric multiple game Predator: Hunting Grounds failed to deliver a worthy adaptation of the series, but Alien: Isolation is the perfect framework to build a good Predator game around.


Rather than focusing on the series’ horror or survival themes, most Predator games simply transform the franchise into intense sci-fi action titles. For example, 2005’s Predator: Concrete Jungle actually puts players in control of a deadly intergalactic hunter known as Scarface. The third-person action game is still fondly remembered, but it fails to capture the human perspective that the best Predator films focus on. There is also a long history of Alien vs Predator video games, which typically take the form of first-person shooters that players can experience from an Alien, Predator or human perspective. A new Aliens vs Predator game hasn’t released since 2010, but keeping the two franchises separated may result in much better gaming experiences.

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Outside of Aliens vs Predator crossover games, the sci-fi horror franchise Alien has received many video game adaptions over its long history. A majority of these titles are action-packed sci-fi shooters that draw heavily from the series’ second installment Aliens, but 2014 saw the release of a beloved survival horror experience called Alien: Isolation. Taking cues from the series’ very first installment, Alien: Isolation sees players creep around an abandoned space station while being stalked by a powerful and otherworldly Xenomorph. By emphasizing stealth and survival crafting mechanics, the survival horror game Alien: Isolation would be the perfect inspiration for a successful Predator game.

A Predator Survival Horror Game Would Finally Do The Series Justice

A Predator game that takes influence from Alien: Isolation could finally deliver a faithful adaptation of the sci-fi series. A Predator survival horror game could cast players as a lone soldier isolated in the jungle, with an intergalactic warrior stalking them from the trees and setting traps for players to avoid. Like in Alien: Isolation players could use various gadgets and tactics to avoid their unstoppable foe, perhaps covering themselves in mud to mask their heat or drawing the Predator away with a distraction. Exfiltrating via helicopter could be the ultimate goal, but repeated run-ins with the Predator would make circumstances increasingly desperate. Like the android enemies in Alien: Isolation, a Predator horror game could also include human enemies for players to fight or use to distract their relentless pursuer.

After projects like Predator: Hunting Grounds and the Predator crossover with Fortnite, it’s about time for a truly faithful adaptation of the beloved sci-fi franchise. By returning to the sci-fi horror roots of the Alien franchise, Alien: Isolation managed to serve as a worthy follow-up to the film that started it all. By taking players to the depths of the jungle for a deadly hunt, a Predator game following a similar path could be the ultimate game of cat and mouse.

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