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James Gunn Offers Progress Update On His Superman Movie


New DC Universe architect James Gunn offers a progress update on Superman: Legacy, his reboot movie of the Man of Steel set for a 2025 release.

Superman: Legacy just got an update from scribe James Gunn. New DC Studios co-CEO Gunn has been hard at work on the Superman movie reboot for the new DC Universe, with the movie being the first project to be revealed — although unnamed at the time — last December. Now, following the DCU slate reveal, Gunn updates the status of his Superman: Legacy script with the movie set for a 2025 release.

Gunn answered a fan on Twitter and revealed that he is currently “very far” into the Superman: Legacy script.

Superman: Legacy being far along is not strange, as Gunn recently revealed he was hired to write the upcoming DC Universe Superman movie over six months ago, long before he became one of DC’s top executives. The long time Gunn has had to develop the best script possible is perfect, as DC needs its Superman reboot to be a hit.

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Superman: Legacy Needs To Be A Resounding Success

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With some big ups and downs, the old DCEU proved itself to be very divisive, which eventually led to the new DC management — Gunn and Peter Safran — deciding to reboot DC’s live-action universe under the DCU banner. One of DC’s most iconic heroes — Superman — was a particular target of ire because of how he was written. While Zack Snyder’s version of Superman has its fair share of critics, Henry Cavill as Superman was not the problem.

Gunn made waves last year when he announced that Cavill would not be returning as Clark Kent in the new DC Universe. The idea behind the decision is to have the Superman reboot movie focus on Clark Kent at an earlier point in his life, with one report claiming the character will be around 25 years old in the movie — hence why Cavill could not play him. Following a number of middling critically-received movies featuring Superman in the old DCEU, DC needs Superman: Legacy to be a resounding success. If the movie is anything less, then Cavill’s DCU Superman exit might come back to haunt Gunn and Safran.

The main criticisms surrounding the characterization of Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU are related to how Superman did not feel like his more hopeful persona from the comics. Superman: Legacy aims to change that by veering the DC Universe Superman away from the darker storylines and character choices present in the DCEU. Gunn’s DCU as a whole will be more faithful to the comics than DC has ever been before, with the writer’s room for the overall story of the DC Universe even including DC Comics’ author Tom King. The exciting DCU Superman inspiration from the comics promises to make Superman: Legacy the project audiences have long awaited for.

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