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Jonathan Majors Hints at Possible Future In Expanded Creed Universe


The following contains spoilers for Creed 3

Creed 3 star Jonathan Majors gives a small hint about his possible future in the Creed expanded universe. Majors gave Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis a new and complex adversary to battle in the recently released Creed 3. Thanks in large part to Majors’ performance, the latest entry in the Creed franchise was a big hit out of the gate, and is about to reach $150 million domestically in its second weekend. Hard on the heels of Creed 3’s success, reports just emerged of Amazon and Jordan’s plans to expand the Creed universe via multiple spinoff movies and shows, with at least one planned project focusing on Adonis’ daughter Amara.

The question now of course is whether Majors’ Creed 3 character Damian will in any way be involved in the future Creed universe, but at least for now, Majors is not ready to go beyond giving hints about his possible continued involvement in the franchise. Speaking to Variety from a pre-Oscars event, Majors addressed Jordan and Amazon’s Creed expansion plans and indicated he’d like to be a part of those plans, if asked. Check out what he had to say in the space below:

“I know [expanding the Creed universe has] always been an aspiration for brother Michael. I don’t know how far he’s going to take it. I’ve seen a few things that are very exciting. It’s on now. He’s got the ball. He’s gonna run with it. … I will be involved as brother Michael will let me.”

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How Damian Could Return To The Creed Universe

Jonathan Majors as Damian in Creed 3 sitting in the corner of the boxing ring

Majors’ Damian experienced quite the journey in Creed 3, returning to childhood friend Adonis’ life after leaving prison, and proceeding to challenge Donnie inside the ring. It was of course no surprise that Donnie ultimately defeated Damian in their championship match at Dodger Stadium, Donnie being the protagonist of the entire Creed universe. But it was also heartening to see Donnie and Damian patch up their differences after the fight, allowing them to move forward as friends.

That Damian and Donnie did reconcile is indeed the one big detail pointing to Damian’s Creed universe return. Importantly, no plans for a Damian spinoff were revealed in those recent reports about Amazon and Jordan’s Creed universe expansion. It was reported however that a previously-revealed Viktor Drago spinoff is still being looked at.

The argument could be made that Damian deserves a spinoff at least as much as Viktor Drago if not more, and it sounds as though Majors would be game to return if such a project were to move forward. Damian could get his own spinoff charting his progress as a boxer, with Donnie taking on a supporting role, and perhaps Viktor Drago as his opponent (as some theories have suggested). Damian could also return as a supporting performer in an Adonis-centered Creed 4, or even in the spinoff involving Donnie’s daughter Amara. There are indeed multiple avenues that could lead to Majors’ Creed 3 character Damian returning.

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