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Jordan Peele Reveals Heartwarming Video Of Moment Nope Star Was Cast


Jordan Peele reveals he sneakily asked Brandon Perea in for a callback when he already had the part, so he could record his reaction to the news.

Jordan Peele shares a video of Brandon Perea’s heartwarming reaction to getting his part on Nope. Perea played a supporting role alongside Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer in the sci-fi horror movie that released over the summer. Peele’s creature feature went on to make over $170 million worldwide and garner critical acclaim, cementing the current master of horror as a bona fide box office draw.

Working with Peele is a major opportunity, and at a recent event hosted by the Critics Choice Association, the director reveals a hilariously sweet way he used that to his advantage when casting Perea. In a video of the event shared by Monkeypaw Productions’ TikTok, Peele, as he is presenting Perea with a rising star award, reveals that while he knew after the first audition that he wanted Perea to play Angel, he opted to playfully withhold the information and bring him in for a callback. Instead of making him go through with it, however, the filmmaker just captured the moment Perea got the Nope role on camera.


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How Brandon Perea Made Nope Even Better

brandon perea as angel in nope

As mentioned in the video, Peele reworking the script after Perea’s audition suggests the actor did something right. Playing a disgruntled Fry’s employee, Perea has said he wanted to give an edge to what was supposed to be just a day-player role, as most tech employees have to deal with being smarter than customers who feel entitled to being right. After Peele revealed that Perea got the part, the actor cried and shared the ups and downs of trying to make it in Hollywood, a tale that made Peele cry himself. From there, Peele reworked Nope’s script to give Perea a bigger role than what was intended.

The payoff was certainly worth it – while not instantly becoming a fan-favorite, as his role wasn’t shown much in marketing, it’s apparent that Perea’s Angel Torres serves as a sort of audience surrogate, making him exceptionally relatable and easy to root for. His introduction to the film as Emerald (Palmer) and OJ (Kaluuya) buy gear to expose the UFO haunting Haywood ranch serves as refreshing comic relief, changing the tone of the film as the second act kicks off. His character is given a few more jokes in the second act’s beginning, including a quip directed at The CW, before an enlightening and existential conversation about aliens takes place between Angel and OJ. Throughout the film, Angel has plenty of opportunities to shine and Perea capitalizes with ease, making moments of peril near the third act intense and unnerving.

Peele made the right choice in casting Perea as Angel, and whatever the process, it’s clear the film benefited from the script re-write to expand his part. In the final cut, the amount of detail that’s given to the character, especially Angel’s room and shirts lent to Emerald and OJ, is evidence that an appropriate amount of effort was put in throughout the creative process. If a sequel to Nope happens, or if another movie takes place in the Nope universe, Perea’s return would be warmly welcomed.

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Source: Monkeypaw Productions/TikTok


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