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Kacey Musgraves’s ‘Star-Crossed’ Film: All the Cameos

While other pop stars have tortured us with months-long album rollouts this year, Kacey Musgraves has blessed us with news that not only will her new album Star-Crossed come out in three short weeks, but she also has an entire musical film ready to go with it. The album will drop on September 10th, with the film available on the same date to subscribers of Paramount+. The two-minute twenty-second trailer promises something that seems to cross the influences of Quentin Tarantino (a surprisingly enduring visual reference for female musicians), a bit of Baz Luhrmann (specifically 1996’s Romeo + Juliet), and some hallmarks of ‘90s and early ‘00s teen films. But the cast list seems to be very, very 2021.

While Musgraves herself stars, of course, she’s scoured the culture for a group of supporting players to join her in the production. Everyone from Twitter comedians to TikTok stars to sitcom regulars join the singer in a film that very, very much seems to be about her recent divorce (she starts out the trailer in a wedding dress, takes a pill, undergoes some sort of surgery, and emerges as a crystal-studded vigilante, only to be dragged back to the wedding chapel at the end). Here, all the cameos we spotted in the video.

Symone, Victoria Predetti, and Megan Stalter

In a very Tarantino-esque trunk shot, the RuPaul’s Drag Race winner, You actress, and “Hi Gay!” comedian appear to be up to something.

Princess Nokia

via Kacey Musgrave’s youTube

In another shot, the girl group is joined by recent Gossip Girl cameo-maker Princess Nokia.

Eugene Levy

The Schitt’s Creek star appears to be a doctor of some kind—but wait, are those Prada scrubs he’s wearing?

Average Fashion Blogger

Courtney Parchman, AKA the viral star “AverageFashionBlogger,” appears as a bridezilla whose special day is being terrorized by Kacey and her cohorts.

The Kill Bill Church

screenshot via Kacey Musgraves YouTube

Yes, it’s the same chapel that appeared in Kill Bill. The Calvary Baptist Church in Lancaster, California has also made several appearances throughout film history.

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