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Kendall Jenner’s New Jewelry Is An Olympic Gold Medal

Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend, Devin Booker, is taking a much-needed vacation. Booker has been working nonstop — the NBA basketball player, who is currently playing for the Phoenix Suns, just arrived stateside from Japan, where the USA men’s basketball team just won gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. And Booker arrived late to Team USA’s exhibition games because he was busy trying to win the NBA National Championship against the Milwaukee Bucks. Sadly, the Suns didn’t get a ring, but gold medal is still an incredible consolation prize. And what better way to flex than to snap a pic of your supermodel girlfriend wearing it on a boat?

And flex he did. On Instagram, Booker shared a photo of Jenner luxuriating aboard a boat in a placid lake, surrounded by stunning forests and mountains. She’s casually wearing Booker’s priceless gold medal as though it were a dainty Catbird necklace — actually, no. There is nothing casual about showing off a centuries-old internationally recognized symbol of athletic greatness. The American flag behind Jenner suggests that the couple (and their dog) are making the flex look chill, but in reality, we know they are celebrating the hell out of Team USA’s win.

Booker is in storied company. The US Basketball Men’s National Team has medaled in every Olympics tournament they’ve competed in, including 16 gold medals, one silver, and two bronze. In 1989, NBA players were allowed to join the USBMNT, ensuring that decades later, Booker would have a spot on the world-dominating team. Jenner and Booker deserve their vacation.

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