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Kino Loy’s 10 Best Quotes In Andor

Supreme Leader Snoke was only the beginning for Andy Serkis in Star Wars as he returned in Andor to play a new character named Kino Loy. Whether it’s Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, the Planet of the Apes prequels, or a non-franchise story, Serkis always delivers compelling performances, and Andor is no exception.

Kino’s unexpected, moving story arc and his impact on Cassian Andor leads to some of the best quotes in Andor. The progression of his quotes encapsulate his powerful character development over the course of the prison arc.


“You’re Mine Now.”

“Narkina 5” (Season 1, Episode 8)

Kino Loy looking serious in Andor

When Kino Loy first introduces himself to Cassian, he doesn’t see Cassian as an equal, but as just another person to control and step over. Kino has gotten used to being in charge of the day shift on level five in the prison. At this point, all he has is that power and the unwavering belief that if he follows the rules; he will be released when his prison sentence ends.

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This quote initially makes it seems like Kino will be an antagonist in the prison arc and just another obstacle for Cassian to overcome. Instead, Kino becomes Cassian’s greatest ally and teaches him invaluable lessons about sacrifice and leadership.

“Losing Hope, Your Mind, Keep It To Yourself.”

“Narkina 5” (Season 1, Episode 8)

An image of Kino Roy looking angry in Andor

Even though he is also being oppressed by the Empire, Kino tries to convince Cassian and the other prisoners to abandon all hope and individual thought.

The beauty of Kino’s arc is that he goes from this to risking everything. The prison breakout that Kino plays a pivotal role in is built on hope and individual thought, the very things he initially told Cassian and every prisoner on the floor to suppress.

“It Takes A Week For One Word To Get All The Way Up Here…”

“Nobody’s Listening!” (Season 1, Episode 9)

Andy Serkis yelling at other men in a corridor in Andor

…And You’re Panicking About Something That’s Happening On The Other Side Of The Building!

Kino’s staunch belief in the system begins to crack in the ninth episode. When Taga and the other prisoners on level five begin to catch wind of something horrific that happened on level two, Kino tries to snuff out their panic.

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He can’t accept the harsh truth because it would mean that the system he’s supported and depended on for his eventual freedom is a farce. Andy Serkis delivers the line with an intense ferocity, desperately clinging to a truth that has been a lie all along.

“Never More Than Twelve.”

“Nobody’s Listening!” (Season 1, Episode 9)

Kino Loy and Cassian Andor standing in the corridor together in Episode 9

Throughout the ninth episode, Cassian repeatedly tries to get Kino to tell him how many guards are stationed on each level of the prison. Even while things are clearly unraveling in the prison, Kino refuses to divulge the answer.

The gradual buildup makes it incredibly satisfying when Kino learns the truth of what happened on level two and almost immediately after he tells Cassian that there are never more than twelve guards on each level. This quote culminates in one of the most rewarding endings of an episode of Star Wars television. It is already among some of the most iconic quotes in Star Wars history.

“No One Is Getting Out!”

“One Way Out” (Season 1, Episode 10)

Andy Serkis as Kino Loy in Andor episode 9

When Cassian and Kino return to their cells, the other prisoners ask for information about what happened to Ulaf and what really happened on level two. Cassian tries to tell them, but many of them do not listen and talk over him. Yet, when Kino bellows “No one is getting out!” the other prisoners fall absolutely silent and hang onto his every word.

Given his history with the other prisoners, his leadership position, and his well-known belief in the system, Kino has more credibility with the other prisoners than Cassian does. If Kino says none of them are ever getting out of prison now, the other prisoners know it has to be the truth. They now know that there is no reason to continue obeying the prison rules and that their only chance for survival and freedom is to attempt an escape.

“How Long We Hang On, How Far We Get, How Many Of Us Make It Out, All Of That Is Now Up To Us.”

“One Way Out” (Season 1, Episode 10)

Kino Loy looking serious in Andor Episode 9

The prisoners have been working together to build parts for the Empire. The teamwork and communication they’ve developed is excellent and Kino knows this and encourages them to use those abilities to escape instead of continuing to use them in service of their captors.

This quote is the first of many powerful words that Kino delivers during his speech that can be heard across the entire prison. This particular quote is important because it emphasizes the need for the prisoners to be unified and not just make it every man for himself. While the ultimate escape is a bit chaotic, it’s also uplifting to see how many prisoners help each other along the way.

“Get Out Of Your Cells, Take Charge, And Start Climbing.”

“One Way Out” (Season 1, Episode 10)

Karis Nemik talking to Cassian in Andor

This quote is an inspiring reminder that the prisoners still have free will and can take matters into their own hands. Despite everything the Empire has taken away from them, the Empire can never take their willpower. The use of the word “climbing” is also significant as it is a callback to Karis Nemik in the Aldhani arc and to K-2SO in Rogue One.

The word “climb” is used as a way to tell Cassian to literally climb, but also that he has the ability to take charge and change the galaxy for the better. K-2SO tells Cassian to climb before the droid is shot on Scarif and Nemik tells Cassian to have their ship climb higher shortly before Nemik loses his life. Climbing is used to empower Cassian, but also to signal to the audience that Cassian is about to lose someone important to him.

“If We Can Fight Half As Hard As We’ve Been Working, We Will Be Home In No Time.”

“One Way Out” (Season 1, Episode 10)


The prisoners have all demonstrated formidable mental and physical strength by completing twelve hours of grueling labor every single day. As he urges the prisoners to escape, Kino reminds them of the mental and physical strength they use on a daily basis.

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Too often people’s best traits are exploited for the gain of others. Kino’s words inspire the prisoners to instead use their gifts to escape and win their freedom on their own terms.

“One Way Out!”

– “One Way Out” (Season 1, Episode 10)

Kino Loy scowling in Andor

“There is one way out” evolves into the “one way out!” chant that is the title of the tenth episode, a simple and effective battle cry that unites all the prisoners in accomplishing their goal of breaking out and winning their freedom.

The phrase finally provides a sense of tangible hope for Cassian and for the prisoners. This kind of hope is an essential Star Wars theme and is a compelling precursor to one of the best quotes in Rogue One, when Cassian tells Jyn Erso that “rebellions are built on hope.” “One way out” will forever remind Star Wars fans of the hope that led to the inspiring prison escape.

“I Can’t Swim.”

– “One Way Out” (Season 1, Episode 10)

Kino Loy looking sad in Andor

The prison escape is full of triumph, but it also contains one of the most heartbreaking moments in Star Wars when it’s revealed that Kino cannot escape with the other prisoners because he can’t swim. Kino knew the only way out was to jump into the waters of Narkina 5 and swim to safety. Even though he knew he wouldn’t be able to swim to freedom with the others, he still united them and led their escape.

Like many other great stories, the savior or leader is unable to enter the promised land. Kino teaches Cassian a valuable lesson about doing the right thing to help others, even when you aren’t able to reap the benefits. It also aligns perfectly with Luthen Rael’s line in the same episode when he says, “I burn my life to make a sunrise that I know I’ll never see.”

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