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Last Of Us Honest Trailer Mourns Joel & Ellie’s Short-Lived Allies

Spoilers for The Last of Us season 1 below!The Last of Us‘ Honest Trailer mourns all of Joel and Ellie’s short-lived allies from across season 1. Based on the popular PlayStation video game of the same name, Pedro Pascal stars as Joel Miller, a weathered black market smuggler who is tasked with safely delivering a precocious 14-year-old orphan, Ellie (Bella Ramsey), to the revolutionary faction known as the Fireflies in a post-apocalyptic world. Although their trek is filled with dangerous obstacles, they also meet capable parties who assist them along the way.

Screen Junkies‘ latest Honest Trailer mourns the allies Joel and Ellie lost during their journey across an infected-ravaged United States. Check out the video below:

The video showcases the many people who did not live to see the end of The Last of Us season 1, including Joel’s smuggling partner Tess (Anna Torv), survivalist Bill (Nick Offerman) and his partner Frank (Murray Bartlett), Henry (Lamar Johnson) and his little brother Sam (Keivonn Woodard), Marlene (Merle Dandridge), Riley (Storm Reid), and even Joel and Ellie’s horse. The Honest Trailer also playfully highlights the series’ lack of infected, Ellie’s incredibly foul mouth, and the fanbase’s unhealthy obsession with Pascal’s appointment as the internet’s daddy.

How Joel & Ellie’s Allies Strengthen Their Bond In The Last Of Us

Joel and Ellie staring at each other in The Last of Us episode 8

Although The Last of Us promises a terrifying post-apocalyptic experience featuring grotesque infected, the core of the narrative centers around Joel and Ellie’s relationship. 20 years after the brutal murder of Joel’s daughter Sarah (Nico Parker), Joel has become a deeply traumatized survivor. With no desire to live, an unrelenting rage has built up inside of him. However, his fateful meeting with Ellie helps Joel find a new purpose to live.

Initially, Joel and Ellie want nothing to do with each other. As they continue their months-long trip through dangerous territory, facing a variety of deadly obstacles, the two begin to form an unbreakable bond. Along the way, they encounter allies that not only challenge that bond, but also reinforce it. For example, although Joel agrees to take Ellie to honor Tess’ dying wish, it is Bill’s heartfelt letter to Joel that reinforces his growing feelings toward his charge.

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Henry and Sam’s relationship mirrors that of Joel’s with Ellie, but also proves to be a cautionary tale. The brothers’ tragic deaths reveal how love for another person in their harsh reality can be devastating. That brutal moment also reminded Joel of his own despair following the loss of his daughter. With The Last of Us season 2 set to begin filming this year, it will be interesting to see how Joel and Ellie’s relationship has developed following season 1’s merciless finale.

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