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Margot’s Costume Was Secretly A Huge Clue To Her Fate In The Menu


Taking a closer look at Margot’s costume in The Menu actually reveals a lot more about her fate than you would think on a first watch of the movie.

Warning! This article contains major SPOILERS for The MenuIn The Menu, Margot’s costume gives the audience a huge hint about her fate from the very beginning of the film. Costumes are notoriously very important in films and can often express a lot about a character’s story or inner emotions. Therefore, it makes sense that Margot’s costume would be extremely important in understanding her character, thus foreshadowing the ending of The Menu from the very beginning as Margot is the only character who will be able to survive the film and escape the restaurant.


As the movie progresses, it becomes clear that Margot is unlike the other guests. Although Margot shares some similarities in The Menu, she truly stands out with her unique background compared to the others. Set on a private island, twelve guests board for the exclusive restaurant run by Chef Julian Slowik, which will ultimately lead to the death of almost everybody present on the island. As this is an exclusive dinner experience, and a very expensive one too, it is understandable that the guests would be wearing their best outfits.

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Anya Taylor-Joy in The Menu

Although she wears a black leather jacket at the beginning of the film, Margot’s lilac dress is the focus of her costume. The color of Margot’s dress is one of the first visual elements that set her apart from the other guests. When everybody else in the cast of The Menu wears darker colors, Margot is the only character who wears a lighter one, allowing her to visually stand out in many shots in The Menu. Regarding the lilac color of Margot’s dress, Anya Taylor Joy said that it represents Margot as a character since it is “the right level of edgy and harsh, but also just quite natural.”

The costume designer for The Menu revealed that she wanted Margot’s costume to feel “artisan in its approach,” but also provide a unique look for Anya Taylor Joy’s protagonist, one that allows both for sexiness and, most importantly, vulnerability. One of the key elements in Margot’s dress is, in fact, the sense of being exposed that it conveys. This is particularly true as Margot abandons the leather jacket when she enters the restaurant, perhaps suggesting that Hawthorne is the place where her true nature and profession will finally be exposed before the end of The Menu.

The menu Margot allowed to leave

Similarly, upon closer inspection, her entire outfit embodies her personality. It is a dress that speaks of Margot’s true nature, of a woman with little money that is trying to fit in with such an opulent and expensive world. Margot likely only owns a few really nice dresses which she chooses to pair with a leather jacket, a worn-in jacket she has probably had for years and could be considered her go-to protection, thus making her taking it off an even more significant act, and a pair of black boots. The latter indicates her desire to be sturdy, avoiding expensive heels that she may not be able to afford or feel comfortable in.

There is one more key detail to Margot’s costume that reveals her ultimate fate in The Menu early in the film, as the guests go through the various dishes in The Menu’s menu planned by Chef. Margot’s gold earrings seem to resemble safety pins, hinting at the fact that she will be the only character to survive The Menu. However, her earrings become invisible to the audience as her hair falls down during the fight with Elsa, thus suggesting that even Margot is unsafe during portions of the film. Ultimately, Margot’s clothing reflects her character and reveals her story to the keen observer.

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