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Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster

Several Ghosts lie in hidden locations in Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster for players looking to 100% complete this supernatural game.

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The supernatural horror of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster hides many secrets for players trying to 100% complete the game, including several hidden ghosts whose locations are far more elusive than the standard spirits encountered. With several scattered throughout the levels in a player’s initial experience of the story, a few apparitions also hide in the New Game+ mode only. As a result, players will have to be quick with their camera in addition to a special feature enabled to capture these souls and guide them to the afterlife.


Hidden Ghosts are only found when players have the Sense function enabled on their camera, a feature that takes some time to unlock. Sense becomes available when players have either captured 100 Ghosts or completed the game once to experience one of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster‘s endings. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter which difficulty players complete the game to gain the Sense mechanic. However, it might be easier to just repeat levels on a low difficulty to collect 100 early on. There are 13 Hidden Ghosts in the Main Story and seven within New Game+.

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Every Hidden Ghost In The Main Story

Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Misaki Ghost in the Mirror

Here are the 13 hidden ghost locations that players can find in their first playthrough:

Hidden Ghost



#216 – Woman Hanging by Neck

2: Resonance

In the hall leading back to Ward 2F.

#215 – Several Patients Blooming

5: The Masked Pair

On the Balcony.

#218 – Crouching Boy

5: The Masked Pair

Near an area labeled “206 Shougetsu Kazuto Amaki”.

#219 – Head Surgery Specimen

5: The Masked Pair

In a Hidden Room within the Phase.

#220 – Face Cut from Dead Body

7: Without Suffering

Within the Mortuary, close to the same place, players can get the Spirit Torch in Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster.

#221 – Woman Falling from Roof

8: Sakuya

Close to the Front Terrace.

#222 – Eyes Peering through Window

8: Sakuya

Near an area approaching the Director’s Office.

#223 – Hanged Woman

8: Sakuya

Down the hallway leading to the Isolation Ward.

#225 – Utsuwa and Kanade Meditating

9: Ceremony of Passage

In the Antechamber location.

#217 – Blooming Ayako

10: Lingering Cherry Blossom

Within the room with the Canopied Bed.

#224 – Woman Under the Floor

10: Lingering Cherry Blossom

Near the Breaker Room.

#226 – Tsukimori Shrine Maidens

Final Phase

Close to the Spiral Staircase.

Every Hidden Ghost in New Game+

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse One of Four Selectable Characters Exploring a Clearly Haunted Location

Once players have finished their first playthrough, they can find additional seven hidden ghosts that are listed below:

Hidden Ghost



#227 – Surveying Nurse

1: Out of Tune

Near the 101 Mutsuki Entrance Hall area.

#229 – Woman Standing in Red Room

3: The Forgotten Day

In the hallway before reaching the 2F Ward.

#230 – Girl in Coffin

5: The Masked Pair

Within the nearly perfect remade section of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse named “311 Kamikizuki Kageri Sendou”.

#231 – Woman Floating in Pool

6: Tsukimorie Song

Close to the Moonflower Garden.

#232 – Hand in Garbage Bag

7: Without Suffering

Near the Back Door within the Phase.

#238 – Man with Face Cut Off

10: Lingering Cherry Blossom

In the Shrine of Mourning area.

#233 – Enshrined Facial Skin

11: Lunar Eclipse

Near the Room with an Altar inside.

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