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Mid Century Modern Living Room Ideas For Functionality & Comfort

Because of its timeless appeal, mid century modern has become an important part of the world of interior design.

The 1950s and 60s were when the style of mid century modern was popular. Mid-century living room ideas use a lot of modern elements, art, and simple practicality to make a look that is instantly recognizable and unique.

As for your living room’s interior design, there are tons of ideas for things that look like they were made in the 1950s and 1960s. To get a more minimalist look, mix mid-century and minimalist designs. To give your home a modern rustic feel, mix ideas from the 1950s with plants, patterns, and colors.

There are many ways to design a living room that looks like it was made in the mid-1960s. Take a look at the designs below to see how many ways you can get this look!

  1. Touch of glam
  2. Neutral territory
  3. Down-to-earth style
  4. Mod enthusiast living
  5. Iconic mid-century living
  6. Pastel chic mid-century
  7. Relaxed and retro
  8. Boomerangs and sputniks
  9. Modern rustic living
  10. Mid-century minimalism

1.   Touch of glam

It’s not surprising that furniture from the 1950s and 1960s can be glammed up for extra style. Coffee table: walnut with marble top. Tapered legs and open frame: mid-century all the way. So, the gold velvet sofa adds a lot of sparkle to this design and makes it a cozy place to talk. It is also in line with the jewel tones in the rest of the room.

2.   Neutral territory

Isn’t it nice to have mid century furniture in Houston design that isn’t too loud and flashy? The furniture in this living room has tapered legs, making it look like it was made in the 1950s. So, the neutral colors and leather pouf on the floor make it look simple. It looks better with warm colors like camel leather and brown shades.

3.   Down-to-earth style

This living room blends retro furniture shapes with a more earthy color palette for a warm, cozy look. So, the barrel chair in musky green is super retro and adds a funky splash of color to the room. Other items in this room, like this leather pouf and landscape art, are also very earthy.

4.   Mod enthusiast living

Some of the things that make this living room look like it was made in the 1950s are walnut wood finishes, tapered legs on the chair, and a geometric rug. There are a lot of neutral colors in the decor, but there are also a lot of black and gray accents. So, the living room has a minimal set and is very open and bright.

5.   Iconic mid-century living

You can see a great example of pure mid century modern living room design in this beautiful picture. Sofa: it is on top of a wood base with very retro legs. It has a very mid century furniture in Houston look with a neutral color scheme and a few splashes of avocado green and geometric shapes. So, like this one, warm wood tones add warmth and a sense of home to modern living rooms.

6.   Pastel chic mid-century

We love mid-century modern living rooms with a little bit of glam added to them! This stylish design has marble, brass, and velvet accents. Adding a kilim-style rug and an artful atomic-style pendant to the room makes it look more polished. So, this is a great look for someone who likes the look of mid-century modern style and wants a living room full of bright and fun colors, shapes, and forms.

7.   Relaxed and retro

This style has a lot of things that look like things from the 1950s and 1960s, like tapered and angled furniture legs, wood tones, and a shag geometric rug. The oatmeal sofa stands out against a muted mustard-colored wall. So, this keeps the color scheme mostly earth-toned with a few blue pops.

8.   Boomerangs and sputniks

This mid century furniture living room has many primary colors, which makes it look bright and lively. There are tapered legs and a table in the room to keep it in the style of mid-century modern design. So, the orb-shaped pendant lights and a starburst mirror are also retro pieces.

9.   Modern rustic living

During this modern living room design, we went with a rustic style and added a few pieces with a little bit of mid-century flair. People who live there like the rustic fabrics on everything in this room. They make the room feel like it’s homey and warm. So, there are formal chairs and couches for talking, but the room also has a casual vibe that makes it feel like a relaxed living space in a trendy mix of modern and rustic styles.

10.  Mid-century minimalism

This living room is a high-end example of how mid century modern and minimalist design can work together. We like how the two styles work together to make a sleek, cool look like “mad men.” in this look, you’ll see a lot of clean lines and a neutral color palette with darker gray and blue shades as an undertone. So, in this calm room, the furniture has a unique shape. This adds a little drama to the peaceful space. You can also get  more information about the TIPS FOR BUYING A NEW MATTRESS


There are a lot of different styles and elements in mid century furniture design, which is why it’s so popular. Because there are so many different styles and features, there’s something for everyone. So, it’s also a typical design style, which adds to its popularity. You might not even know that some of the things in your home are in the style of mid-century modern.

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