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My Hero Academia’s All for One Already Won a Battle the Heroes Missed


While the battle for fate of My Hero Academia’s world is still raging, the fight for support may already be decided, and things are looking grim.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 374The most dangerous aspect of My Hero Academia‘s big villain All for One isn’t his massive array of Quirk superpowers, it’s his ability to consider the bigger picture. And the manga has revealed that there’s one area of that bigger picture that the heroes have completely dropped the ball on, and that’s winning the support of the world.

A big part of All for One’s plan has been to convince the public to reject hero society and embrace a more anarchistic world, where people are free to use their powers in whatever way they want, no matter how negatively that impacts the world at large. He’s had fantastic success in Japan, enough so that people were refusing heroes’ help with evacuating and forming vigilante bands to take down escaped criminals themselves. Chapter 374 points out that there’s far, far more at stake than just Japan, though.


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The chapter opens with a weather report from an American news personality, who begins to shift her speech away from the weather and into a series of statements questioning whether the government is in the right to not side against All for One. When she gets explicit about her disagreement, she’s immediately pulled off the air. This suggests a level of censorship is going on in the US as a result of the President’s decision not to take a stand against All for One. Back in chapter 364, Star and Stripe’s mission commander, Timothy Agpar, was told not to take any further stands against All for One; while the fighter jets under his command still chose to disobey that order and help Deku, that doesn’t change the fact that the US’s official position seems to be one of non-involvement, treating this as if it’s merely an internal power struggle.

All for One’s Plans Go Beyond the War


For the heroes, the end goal has always been to defeat All for One; there doesn’t seem to be any plan for how to rebuild after that’s accomplished. There’s just a vague hope that if All for One is defeated, the anarchy will cease and people will go back to trusting heroes, but there’s no way it’ll be that easy. All for One, on the other hand, has had a broader goal in mind: world domination. He’s made it clear that he has plenty of contacts and supporters abroad who are eager to start working with him once Japan’s heroes are out of the way, and those people have clearly been influencing policy in other countries in a big way. All for One’s plan for the future is already in the works, and the consequences of that fact will have to be dealt with even if the heroes win. In that regard, the heroes just haven’t been able to keep up.

Once again, All for One has proven that his intellect and forward-thinking are his most dangerous attributes, and that the future of My Hero Academia‘s world has many more bumps ahead even if he loses.

New chapters of My Hero Academia are typically available on Sundays via Viz’s Shonen Jump app.

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