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November 1, 2022 Hints & Answer

November 1st’s Wordle puzzle continues the theme of offering complex solutions that are meant to be solved using the hard mode, along with some hints.

It’s a new month and time for the 500th Wordle answer, which continues the tradition of throwing complex words that players might find slightly tricky to solve. Even though today’s Wordle puzzle features a somewhat complex word, experienced players might be able to figure out the answer in three to four attempts if they use strategic words. Much like previous puzzles, the key to solving today’s puzzle is using words with at least two vowels that aren’t next to each other. Once players figure out the correct position of the two vowels, they will have a better chance of solving the puzzle in their subsequent few attempts.


Another way players can speed up the process of solving Wordle puzzles is by using clues that give players more context about the solution. These hints do not ruin the game’s challenge as it does not give away the answer and only nudges players in the right direction. Purist players can avoid these hints altogether, as many consider using hints cheating, despite the nature of the clues. However, players who are looking to solve the answer without outright cheating can use these clues below:

  • Hint 1: having a scent like pine
  • Hint 2: f, relating to, having or consisting of, pine trees or pine
  • Hint 3: Sure, it costs more and isn’t as much fun, but your house won’t get that ___ smell (fill in the blank)

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Today’s Wordle Answer (November 1st #500)

The November 1st Wordle answer is PINEY.

Another method players can utilize is using hard mode for solving complex words such as today’s puzzle. In addition to solving today’s answer, Wordle‘s harder mode lets players develop different strategies they can use in the regular mode. Unfortunately, Wordle doesn’t really offer any valuable hints, and using this mode becomes crucial for solving answers that either feature a repeating letter or have multiple vowels. However, since this mode is slightly more time-consuming, many players tend to skip this mode and use hints instead.

Solving today’s Wordle answer depended more on luck than using a different strategy, as the first attempt revealed four letters’ incorrect position. Next, we used the word ‘SPINE,’ which showed that the answer had something to do with PINE. Then we used the word ‘PINES,’ which didn’t reveal a new letter but let us discover the correct position of the four letters. From there, we solved today’s answer using PINEY, as it was the only word that would solve today’s Wordle answer.

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