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November 10, 2022 Hints & Answer


November 10th’s Wordle answer has three vowels that can be hard to discover. However, with the right hints, they might be able to solve the puzzle.

November 10th’s Wordle answer is now available for players to tackle, and some players might find the word a bit complicated to solve as it features three vowels. What makes this word challenging to guess is the placement of the three vowels, as one of them is in the very first position. However, if players use words that feature two or more vowels, they might be able to guess the answer in less than six attempts. However, many players tend to struggle with Wordle when they are on their last few attempts. Therefore, to conserve their daily streaks, many players prefer to use hints instead of cheating so that they can still manage to guess the answer.


However, there is another way to solve today’s puzzle. Some players prefer to use Wordle’s hard mode to discover the correct position of letters in complex words, such as today’s solution. Since this mode follows a set of rules that forces players to use previously confirmed letters in the same spot, it enables players to think of words they usually wouldn’t. Moreover, since today’s Wordle answer has a complicated spelling, despite its common use, the harder mode comes in handy. However, if players are still unable to solve the puzzle, they can use some relevant hints below.

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Today’s Wordle Hints (November 10th #509)

Wordle 504 November 5 Attempt

Trying to figure out the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle can be arduous without using hints. That’s because Wordle doesn’t offer any additional clues apart from the color-changing boxes. While these hints suffice for veteran players, many still prefer to use contextual clues that they can use to solve the puzzle. So here are three hints for November 10th’s Wordle puzzle solution:

  • Hint 1: come or bring together for a common purpose or action.
  • Hint 2: to act in concert
  • Hint 3: Party members ___ in support of their candidate. (Fill in the blank)

Today’s Wordle Answer (November 10th #509)

Wordle Puzzle on a Smartphone

The November 10th Wordle answer is UNITE.

We solved today’s Wordle answer using various words that revealed the correct position of the vowel. We started the puzzle using the word “MIGHT,” which revealed the incorrect positions of two letters, one being a vowel. We then used the word “KITES,” which did not reveal the correct position of any letter but did reveal a new letter from today’s Wordle answer. We then used the word ‘ELITE,’ which revealed the correct positions of all three letters we knew from before. We then used the word ‘QUITE,’ which revealed the incorrect position of a new letter. Once we knew the correct positions of four letters, it was easy to solve today’s Wordle puzzle using UNITE.

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