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One Quote That Goes Against Each Main Character’s Personality


Following Kit and Bell’s marriage on season 6 of The Residents antepenultimate episode on October 25, 2022, all eyes turn to see how the newlyweds will balance their personal and professional lives moving forward. With the season finale set slated for November 15th, another juicy storyline to keep an eye on involves Conrad and Billie’s torrid romance, which could complicate the Chastain Park Memorial workplace in season 7 and beyond.

As fans await the final two episodes of season 6 of The Resident, now is the perfect chance to explore instances in which the main characters betrayed their personality through specific lines of dialogue.


“I Don’t Say It Enough. I Am Very Grateful.”

Conrad Hawkins

Conrad wears a maroon blazer on The Resident

Gruff, cocksure, and supremely confident in his medical abilities, Conrad Hawkins spends most of his time in the hospital caring for patients, bullying Devon, and assuring everybody how smart he is. Rarely does he acknowledge his mistakes or express his vulnerable side, which includes expressing gratitude.

Yet, after Billie took care of Gigi when Conrad was too busy, the brash doctor changes his tune, admits how rarely he says thank you, and finally breaks his tough-guy persona to tell Billie how much her actions mean to him.

“My Gut Is Telling Me Something Else Is Going On.”

Devon Pravesh

Devon smiles while sitting on The Resident

Devon Pravesh is one of the most morally sound and stand-up characters on the beloved medical TV drama. The brilliant Yale and Harvard alum does everything by the book, which is why he and Hawkins clash so much. Yet, over time, Hawkins actually teaches Devon to trust his instincts rather than abide by the hospital’s strict protocols.

As such, when tending to a patient with Irving, the latter gives his professional medical diagnosis, with all signs pointing to the patient having myasthenia gravis. Rather than agree like he normally would, Devon follows his instincts, pushes back, and vows to use out-of-the-box methods to ensure the proper diagnosis.

“I’m Going To Cut You Some Slack Because I Know…”

Randolph Bell

Bell stands in the lobby on The Resident

The Chief Surgeon and later the CEO of Chastain Park Memorial, Randolph Bell is a stern leader who runs a very tight ship. Despite keeping his hand tremors a secret, Bell comes off as a cynical capitalist who thinks “the whole world is about the bottom line.” As such, he tries to keep his doctors as busy as possible and pushes them to the absolute limits of their abilities.

Yet, in a rare moment of merciful compassion towards Hawkins of all people, Bell softens up and says “I’m going to cut you some slack because I know you’re upset…try to remember that.” It’s one of the first instances when the two opposing Alpha doctors share a tender moment of understanding.

“Our Kid Will Be Kind And Brave, Just Like You.”

Nic Nevin

Nic and Conrad see their baby sonogram on The Resident

Due to a traumatic past that includes her mother dying when she was 13 and her sister struggling with sobriety, Nicolette Nevin has a pretty pessimistic outlook on life. Moreover, much like her husband Conrad, Nic rails against the for-profit medical practices at Chastain Park Memorial that are becoming more rampant and fights to instill change.

However, Nic’s dour view on life changes when she becomes pregnant with Conrad’s baby. In a rare moment of optimism for the future, Nic beams, “Our kid will be brave just like you,” which is quite different from the playful hard time she normally gives her beau. Nic is rarely complimentary, especially to Conrad, which is why her change of heart is so memorable.

“Emotions Can Enrich Our Lives … They Can Also Destroy It.”

Mina Okafor

Mina flashes her watch on The Resident

The most stoic, emotionless, and fact-driven staff member at Chastain Park Memorial, Mina Okafor has become a fan favorite on The Resident for uttering such droll cold-hearted lines as “I’m not a dog person or a cat person or a human person” and, “What I feel doesn’t matter. What I feel doesn’t help. I deal in facts.”

Yet in a stark contradictory statement that belies her true sentiment and shows a much more vulnerable side of her personality, Mina tells a fellow staffer that “Emotions can enrich our lives, but they can also destroy it.” Moreover, Mina’s secret admiration for surgeon Eileen Jacoby as the reason she became a doctor reinforces her rare emotional side on the acclaimed medical drama that can be streamed on Hulu.

“I’m Giving Barrett A Chance To … Redeem Himself.”

AJ Austin

AJ stands in profile in the O.R. in The Resident

Known as The Raptor, AJ Austin is the most contradictory character in the hit medical drama. He can be funny one moment, volatile the next, and often vacillates between the two poles. When first learning of Barrett Cain’s malpractice, he tells Mina “I’m giving Barrett a chance to see if he can redeem himself.”

Shortly after, Austin realizes trying to get Cain to change his ways is futile and contradicts the sentiment by ranting about how Barrett has “managed to alienate every single doctor in the hospital.” Moreover, knowing the consequences Mina faces when Barrett awakes from a coma, there’s no way he can support his redemption any longer.

“Patients Are Human Beings, Not Poker Chips.”

Kit Voss

Kit's reflection is seen in a window on The Resident

Even right up to their marriage toward the end of season 6 of the somewhat cliche-ridden medical drama, one of the biggest points of contention between Bell and Kit Voss is the business ethics practiced at Chastain Park Memorial. Bell is a bottom-line capitalist who often treats patients callously, leading Kit to say “Patients are human beings, not poker chips.”

However, once Kit replaces Bell as CEO, she gets entangled in several cases that make her reassess the role of money in the hospital, especially during a case of Medicare fraud. While Kit never feels as strongly as Bell does about the business side of their profession, her view definitely changes over time once she assumes a leadership role.

“Nobody, And I Mean Nobody, Dies In My O.R.!”

Barrett Cain

Barrett looms large in the O.R on The Resident

At first blush, Barrett Cain comes off as a brilliant and highly charismatic neurosurgeon who goes above and beyond his line of duty to perform medical miracles. When her arrives at Chastain Park Memorial, one of the first things he declares is “Nobody, and I mean nobody, dies in my O.R.!”

Unfortunately, this quote completely betrays Cain’s true character as a sneaky, venal, vengeful, and corrupt medical practitioner who is only out to make as much money from insurance companies as possible by keeping patients hospitalized for as long as possible.

“You Know, We Do The Best We Can As Often As We Can.”

Lane Hunter

Lane sips coffee on The Resident

The vilest character in the well-received medical drama, Lane Hunter was caught increasing the dosage of chemotherapy to patients as a way to skyrocket their insurance premiums and enrich herself. Worse yet, she deliberately killed a patient and framed Nic to take the fall.

And yet, in public, Lane had the audacity to tell her staff members that “You know, we do the best we can as often as we can, but we can’t save everyone.” On the contrary, Lane tries to kill patients, not save them, in order to earn as much money as possible.

“I’m Afraid Of Death”

Irving Feldman

Devon consoles Irving on The Resident

Often serving as the comic relief on the show, Irving Feldman has made a living by being the most upbeat ED Resident Doctor at Chastain Park Memorial. To excel at his job, he must remain desensitized to the O.R. deaths he witnesses on a daily basis. Yet, by season 5 following the Jessica scare, he changes his tune quite a bit, telling Devon, “I’m afraid of death.”

During the first five seasons, Irving met each patient with a smile and chipper bedside manner to help them ease the pain. However, following his own personal trauma after several years on the job, he evolved to change his perspective and voice how far his personality has come.

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