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Penn Badgley As Reed Richards Brings MCU Fantastic Four Fan-Cast To Life In New Art


Penn Badgley becomes the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Reed Richards in new Fantastic Four fan art. The MCU is getting closer to finally bringing in one of Marvel’s most beloved teams. After not having had the rights for years, Marvel Studios is currently working on a new Fantastic Four reboot. The film will be the first installment in Phase 6 as part of the Multiverse Saga.

Casting is reportedly underway, and many are wondering who will fill the Fantastic Four roles. Spdrmnkyxxiii, a popular digital creator, recently did a rendition of Badgley as the MCU’s Mister Fantastic.

The artwork honors the popular fan-casting of Badgley as Reed in Fantastic Four. There have been rumors about Badgley potentially being up for the role that he can “neither confirm nor deny.”

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When Will Marvel’s Fantastic Four Cast Be Announced?

Fantastic Four as a family.

In the middle of February 2023, reports emerged that Fantastic Four casting had recently begun. Marvel Studios is supposedly trying to find their Sue Storm first and building the rest of the team around her. According to later reports, Marvel is looking at Dakota Johnson as inspiration for their Invisible Woman.

Rumors have continued to swirl surrounding Reed Richards since the character made a cameo appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, portrayed by John Krasinski. At this point, however, Krasinki claims that he’s had no discussions with Marvel Studios about continuing the role. At this point, it wouldn’t be shocking if Fantastic Four casting is being saved for San Diego Comic-Con. Once Marvel Studios have locked their whole cast, that would be a huge reveal to present at their Hall H day.

Badgley would be a perfect fit as Fantastic Four’s Reed, and time will tell if he is being eyed for him. Joining the MCU as Netflix ends You after season 5 would be a huge next step for the actor’s career. Whether or not he lands the gig, the world will hopefully meet the MCU’s Fantastic Four cast soon.

Source: Spdrmnkyxxiii/Instagram

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