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Perfect Match Stars Who Walked Away As Fan Favorites


Netflix brought back almost two dozen reality TV stars for the dating show Perfect Match, and several of them walked away as standouts.

The cast of Perfect Match season 1 included many villains; however, several fan favorites also shined through. Perfect Match included several single men and women from a variety of Netflix reality shows looking for their perfect person. The cast was filled with genuine and entertaining personalities that were both new and familiar to viewers.

Netflix decided to gather some of its most popular single cast members for Perfect Match season 1, which was filmed in Panama. Several Love is Blind villains made a controversial return, including Bartise Bowden, Shayne Jansen, and Damien Powers. Meanwhile, much more high-profile cast members from Too Hot To Handle and The Circle were featured, along with more low-profile cast members from shows such as The Mole and Sexy Beasts. While many of the stars saw their social media followings rise thanks to their time on the show, some cast members also gained popularity through their likability shown on-screen.

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Ines Tazi Made A Successful Crossover

Ines Tazi, who appeared on The Circle: France made a successful crossover to the American reality TV audience with Perfect Match. Viewers adored Ines from Perfect Match, from her style to how well-spoken she was to her earnest quest for love. Reddit user u/Nice_Reception2524 wrote, “Francesca is awful, Ines is a walking goddess,” in a thread they started. “I just love her [Ines] and she’s real! Georgia seems real too!” a second commenter wrote. “She is so classy. her outfits alone say it all,” another user noted about Ines. Viewers also love how Ines shut down Bartise when he tried to credit himself with helping her stay after she lost her previous match.

Perfect Match Fans Connected With Dom Gabriel

Dom Gabriel wasn’t known by many Perfect Match viewers as he previously appeared on the Netflix show The Mole, but he quickly became a fan favorite. Even though Dom first paired up with Perfect Match villain Francesca Farago, he was well-liked by viewers for being genuine, kind, and unafraid to show his emotions. Reddit user u/fluiditybby started a thread praising Dom for being emotional. “I don’t know this guy by any means and he’s definitely my favorite guy so far […] he seems loyal and HELLA into Francesca just to have his heart broken,” the user observed. “He’s like a golden retriever boyfriend, i love him,” a top commenter wrote praising Dom.

Georgia Hassarati & Chloe Veitch Remained Sweethearts

Chloe Veitch and Georgia Hassarati Perfect Match season 1

Two women who earned a lot of praise from fans both appeared on Too Hot To Handle. Georgia Hassarati from THTH season 3 and Chloe Veitch from THTH season 1 are fan favorites for staying true to their fun-loving personalities and genuine friendship. U/Equal_Revenue started a Reddit thread about Perfect Match contestant Georgia, writing, “Georgia is stunning. holy cow. like her personality, her level-headedness, and her entire body and face is stunning.” Reddit user u/randmyesok started another threat about Chloe, writing, “honestly chloe is one of my favorite reality tv stars ever. i love her personality and i do think she’s really just a good person.” Overall, Netflix made several exceptional casting choices for Perfect Match.

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