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Raft: How to Craft (& Use) The Electric Zipline


Raft has a variety of new and upgraded equipment, including the Electric Zipline, which improves the functionality of the original Zipline tool.

The Electric Zipline is an upgraded version of the Zipline in Raft, but the blueprint needs to be found and brought to a Research Table before it can be crafted. Unlike the original Zipline, the Electric version allows players to go up and down the line, which greatly improves the functionality of the tool. However, the Electric Zipline still has durability, so going back and forth on the line may cause it to break sooner than the regular Zipline, which only allows players to go in one direction.

In order to get started with crafting an Electric Zipline, players will need to progress the story and locate the blueprint for this upgraded equipment. Most of the new equipment and machine blueprints can’t be found until reaching the islands in the Final Chapter of the story. Like the blueprint for crafting the Titanium Sword in Raft, the Electric Zipline blueprint can be found on the last island in the story, Utopia. After the first encounter with Olaf, the blueprint can be found in the room on the platform he was throwing bombs from.


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The base Zipline is crafted using Plastic, Scraps, a Hinge, and a Bolt, but the Electric Zipline requires some of Raft‘s rarer resources. After bringing the blueprint to a Research Table, players will need to find or craft six Scraps, two Titanium Ingots, and a Circuit Board. The Titanium Ingots will be the hardest resource to find, but only a small amount is required, so it shouldn’t take too long to gather everything needed to craft an Electric Zipline.

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How To Farm Titanium & Craft The Electric Zipline In Raft

Raft How to Craft & Use The Electric Zipline Placing Zipline

The six Scraps needed for the Electric Zipline can be gathered from barrels floating in the water or by diving down and using a Hook to collect them. The Circuit Board can be crafted in Raft by gathering one Vine Goo, five Plastic, and two Copper Ingots. Vine Goo needs to be crafted by placing Seaweed in a Smelter, and it can be found underwater. Plastic is easily found floating in the water and can be grabbed with the Hook, and Copper can be harvested underwater. Copper also needs to be placed in the Smelter to get Copper Ingots.

Many of the new items require Titanium Ingots, including the Electric Zipline. Luckily, only two Ingots are needed, so players can head over to Tangaroa Island to start searching. The briefcases that spawn randomly inside buildings may contain Titanium Ore. Alternatively, players can use a Metal Detector to search for Titanium Ore while exploring larger islands. Once players find two Titanium Ore, they can place them in a Smelter or Electric Smelter in Raft to obtain Titanium Ingots.

Although only a small number of resources are needed to craft an Electric Zipline, the equipment will eventually break, so players will need to craft more as needed. Since most of the new items require Titanium Ingots to craft, players should collect Titanium Ore whenever possible. The Electric Zipline is one of many new or upgraded items that can be crafted in Raft.

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Raft is available for PC and Linux.

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