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Rebecca Pushes Ted To Make Changes & Win In Ted Lasso Season 3 Clip


The first Ted Lasso season 3 clip sees Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) pushing head coach Ted (Jason Sudeikis) to make some changes to the team. The Emmy-winning comedy series follows the eponymous American football coach who is initially hired by AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton in an attempt to tank the soccer team, though Ted eventually wins everyone over with his perpetual positivity and folksy charm. Ted Lasso season 3, which is expected to be the show’s last, picks up with AFC Richmond being promoted back to the Premier League.


Now, with Ted Lasso season 3’s release date one week away, the first clip has surfaced via a VIZIO exclusive sneak peek. Watch the clip below:

Just under one minute long, the clip sees Rebecca (at the suggestion of her Director of Football Operations, Leslie Higgins) urge Ted to make some improvements to the team for the upcoming Premier League season. At first, the head coach seems content with his current roster, though he eventually comes around after Rebecca’s pep talk.

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What To Expect From Ted Lasso Season 3

Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso Season 3

Other than hinting at how Ted, Rebecca, and Leslie’s first course of action will be improving AFC Richmond’s roster, the Ted Lasso season 3 clip serves as a refresher for the upcoming season. In the clip, Rebecca references a moment from the Ted Lasso season 1 finale in which Ted, after losing to Manchester City and being relegated to a lower division, promises to be promoted again and win the Premier League next season. Now, AFC Richmond is finally back in the Premier League, and it remains to be seen how they fare in Ted Lasso season 3.

Though not addressed by the Ted Lasso season 3 clip, one of the dominating storylines in the upcoming season will involve former assistant Nate (Nick Mohammed) who, after a bitter feud, left AFC Richmond to coach a rival team, West Ham United, owned by Rebecca’s ex-husband, Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head). This will obviously up the rivalry between the two teams as well as the personal stakes for the characters. It is certain to be another dramatic, hilarious, and surprisingly affecting season when Ted Lasso season 3 premieres on March 15.

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