Now that she’s lost 60 pounds, Rebel Wilson opens up about the most difficult “challenge” she’s faced thus far

The epidemic forced most of us to spend extra time on the sofa, watching Hamilton and other Disney+ additions on repeat, and we chalked it up to a “lost year,” but other individuals were determined to make the most of their time. Rebel Wilson is one of the many individuals who used their unexpected spare time to better themselves, and she has achieved her health objectives as a result of this. As a result of her self-proclaimed “year of health,” Wilson has dropped 60 pounds. However, she has encountered some new difficulties since reaching Rebel Wilson weight loss goals, which she is discussing openly on her blog.

Rebel Wilson appears in a fresh new socially distant video interview with Good Morning America in which she discusses her new programme, Pooch Perfect, and she looks great (as she always does to be honest). After her 2020 year of health comes to a close, she speaks candidly about the difficulties she is having retaining the weight she had dropped.

The goal now is to keep it off for a long period! Never before in my life have I been successful [at it]. Throughout the years, I’ve dropped a few pounds here and there, but last year, I set a goal for myself. Healthy living is the theme for 2020. I completely restructured my way of life and, for the first time in my life, placed a high value on my physical and mental wellbeing.

Rebel Wilson has been upfront about her attempts to reduce weight in the past, and she has admitted to being successful in doing so at times. However, she has always struggled to maintain Rebel Wilson weight loss. She was able to prioritise her health in 2020, but many people believe that adopting a lifestyle change must become a new way of life that must be maintained to reap the advantages of the shift.

Eating for Comfort

According to Rebel Wilson in the same interview, comfort food has been a disaster for her career. One difficulty she has encountered and continues to confront is reducing her intake of emotional eating, which is something that many individuals deal with. Wilson claims that it is particularly tough this time of year because of Easter.

My emotional eating is under control, which everyone who knows me well understands is my true vice. It’s like, ‘Ooh, it’s driving me insane seeing all of the Easter eggs out there right now.

Additionally, the Australian actress has been forthright about the fact that her previous weight has been forced on her to be considered for certain parts. As a result of her larger frame, Rebel Wilson has been in parts that capitalize on her physical attributes. In the Pitch Perfect series, her character even dubbed herself “Fat Amy.” Although this may also be a challenge for the actress, her new shape should assist to relaunch her for future jobs that will not place pressure on her to gain weight to maintain Rebel Wilson weight loss objectives. Until then, you may listen to the entire interview, which is embedded below, to find out what she has to say.

In her year of health in 2020, it seems that Rebel Wilson has conquered a slew of challenges, but the job is far from done. Given her apparent success in this lifestyle, Wilson’s next move may be to prolong her year of health into 2021 and see where that takes her.

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