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Riddler Hates One Justice League Hero WAY More Than Batman


Batman has some of the most vicious villains in the DC Universe, but it turns out one of his villains hates someone far more than Batman.

There is no question Batman has some of the darkest villains in the entire DC Universe, and ones mostly if not completely focused on defying, outsmarting, or destroying him. But Batman’s smartest villain, Riddler, has made it known that he specifically hates Green Arrow far more than the Dark Knight.

Green Arrow has his own host of criminals he’s had to deal with while protecting Star City, the likes of Malcolm Merlyn, Brick, Onomatopoeia, and plenty of others. And conversely, Batman’s own iconic rogues gallery of villains have aimed higher than domination of Gotham City alone. Some have gone farther in branching out–like Joker currently traveling America, causing chaos on a far larger scales. But it’s something else for Riddler, who did fight Green Arrow a handful of times, amounting to more than enough to leave Riddler with a lasting hate for the arrow-shooting Justice Leaguer.


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Beginning in Judd Winick and Phil Hester’s Green Arrow #35, readers see Oliver Queen come up against the Riddler, hired to cause a bunch of riddles and harmless pranks across the city (as a distraction for another villain). Oliver is able to capture Riddler, he still doesn’t know who hired him. With the entire city in danger, Green Arrow shows he’s the scariest Vigilante by torturing Riddler, in addition to dislocating both of Riddler’s shoulders, Green Arrow also beats him until he gives up the information. While Riddler did eventually tell Oliver what he wanted, this event seemed to have a lasting impact on Riddler, since he returned to Star City soon after, but this time he wasn’t there to tell riddles. He was there for revenge.

Riddler Got Vicious When It Came To Green Arrow

Riddler Beating Green Arrow with Baseball Bat

When Riddler returned to Star City in Green Arrow #50, he hired the assassin Constantine Drakon to kidnap Roy Harper, all to lure Oliver into a trap. The important thing to note here is Riddler really didn’t leave any riddles for Green Arrow, as he had the first time around. But upon returning after Green Arrow tortured him, Riddler was only here to hurt Oliver. Riddler proved he was equal to Joker when–after shooting Oliver in both shoulders–Riddler proceeded to beat Oliver with a baseball bat, a scene that mimicked the death of Jason Todd. Batman is brutal in his fight against crime, but Oliver has a history of causing grievous harm to his criminals, and it seems Riddler learned that the hard way.

Now while Green Arrow has to contend with his usual group of villains, he’ll always need to look over his shoulder, just to make sure he doesn’t have to deal with a villain that truly hates him as much as Riddler.

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