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Sarah Jessica Parker Promises Tutus are Returning for ‘And Just Like That…’

Good design never goes out of style. And for Sarah Jessica Parker’s alter ego, Carrie Bradshaw, there are some pieces in her closet that she’s held onto for the past two decades. It’s a surprise that she didn’t gradually consign her wardrobe over the years, because Carrie was so sharply focused on trends of the era — and her NYC-sized closet famously couldn’t fit her extensive Manolo Blahnik shoe collection. But SJP has given us a behind-the-scenes costume peek into Carrie’s new look — Gucci bags and all — and it features a couple throwbacks.

Parker shared a short video of herself wearing one of Carrie’s signature poofy tutu skirts. It’s a long sheer white skirt with a gathered hem, and it looks like something she would have worn in 2003. The years may have been long, and the show may be called And Just Like That…, but it’s clear that Carrie’s fixation with frilly skirts has never waned. Parker contrasted the skirt with a look from Carrie’s Sex And The City heyday, in which she’s wearing a similar white tutu skirt with ballroom-style ruffles, paired with a black jacket and simple red top.

Of course, no discussion about Carrie’s outfit would be complete without mentioning her shoes. As a character, Carrie was known for hoarding shoes and indebting herself to creditors to afford the latest strappy Jimmy Choo heel. But in the video, Parker is wearing a pair of white heeled booties that Carrie donned twice in SATC. The implication here being that Carrie must have treasured those booties so much that she kept them in pristine condition, and while the pointed toe and conical-shaped heel looks almost vintage at this point, leave it to Carrie to wear something that others may not. If anything, we’re glad to see that Carrie’s taste hasn’t changed.

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