The Seat height adjustment – gaming chairs

In addition to the dimensions of the seat, you should also make sure that the seat height of the chair can be adapted to your body size. traxxas rustler 4×4 vxl review the larger you are, the higher the seat should be. Your knees must be placed on the floor at a 90-degree angle to the pelvis. You should also be able to place your arms on the table at the aforementioned angle. A gaming chair for tall people must therefore be height-adjustable so that ergonomic sitting is possible.

Tip: At a height of 1.60 m, the seat should be about 43 cm high, at a height of 1.90 m a seat height of 51 cm is recommended. However, this information also depends on the position in which you usually sit and may therefore differ.

With regard to the dimensions of the seat, it is important that you do not feel constricted and have enough freedom of movement. Ideally, test this before buying or, if this is not possible, measure a chair by sitting well and orient yourself to its dimensions. Especially for taller people, there are XXL gaming chairs, which have both a large seat and a high backrest. Also, pay attention to the resilience of the chair. Most gaming chairs can withstand 150 kg, but there are also models with a lower load capacity.

Head, arm, and footrests

A good gaming chair usually always has armrests, which can be adjusted in height. So you can support your arms comfortably at any time. In addition, a headrest is very advantageous so that you can lean your head back if necessary. These headrests are often padded and therefore very comfortable.

A few gaming chairs with footrests make it possible to sit back and put your legs up, e.B. when playing on the console with a controller. This improves blood circulation and allows you to sit back and relax. Especially if you use your gaming chair to play PS4 or Xbox, a footrest can significantly improve the gaming experience.

By the way, a simple construction is possible despite head, arm, and footrests, as these can usually be attached in a few simple steps.

Rocker function

If it doesn’t have to be a gaming chair with a footrest, then at least one with a rocker function. The backrest can be flexibly tilted backward if you lean against it. If you shift your weight forward again, the backrest automatically returns to its starting position.

Some models also have backrests with rocker functions, which can be fixed in certain positions. If you want to temporarily get into a more or less lying position, you can lock the backrest for this.


There is no such thing as a gaming chair without wheels? Yes, there are, too. best rc car track these have a stand instead. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a gaming chair without wheels, we have summarized them here:


They sit more stable

The floor is not scratched

You do not need to clean the rollers regularly


You are less flexible without castors

Some models have a too low, non-adjustable seat height and are not suitable for playing on the PC

However, the majority of all gaming chairs have wheels and thus you are much more flexible. So that the floor does not scratch, there are special, floor-friendly rollers or you put a floor protection under the chair. Since many rollers can be determined with the help of brakes, there is also nothing to prevent stable sitting.


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