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September 17, 2022 Hints & Answer

Another new Wordle is ready to be solved by fans of this word-guessing game. These are the daily hints, and full answer, to today’s Wordle.

September 17th brings a new Wordle word for players to solve, and today’s answer could easily ruin a long-standing win streak. There are many different types of difficulty adjusters when it comes to Wordle. Repeated letters are a simple way to throw players off their game, or common suffixes, like Wordle words that end in ‘ING’ or ‘ED’. Each of these little changes can challenge a player in different ways. It’s easy to forget that there can be a repeated vowel when players are staring at blank spaces.


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For those that prefer an even harder challenge, there are a number of copycat games that increase the difficulty by a lot. Quordle is a game where players are tasked with solving four separate Wordles at the exact same time. Having to balance each game while constricted to only ten guesses overall is incredibly difficult, even for the most seasoned players. Other options include a Name-That-Tune type game called Heardle which tasks players with guessing a popular song with only a one-second clip. With so many options available, there is something for everyone’s taste.

Today’s Wordle Hints (September 17th #455)

Before we fully spoil today’s Wordle answer, we’ve provided a few clues to help out those who just need a little push in the right direction.

  • Hint 1: There are no repeated letters in today’s word.
  • Hint 2: The definition of this word is a sloping channel for conveying things to a lower level.
  • Hint 3: Today’s Wordle answer is the first half of a popular children’s board game where players climb ladders and ride down slides.

Today’s Wordle Answer (September 17th #455)

The answer to today’s Wordle is CHUTE.

For our game today we were incredibly lucky, using our standard starting Wordle word IRATE, we were able to get two correct letters in their correct positions, the ‘T’ and the ‘E’. Using this information we simply broke down what other possible vowel could be used. It had to be either a repeated ‘E’, an ‘O’; or a ‘U’. Right off the bat, we thought about ‘U’ and the only possible choices would be CHUTE or FLUTE, so we tried CHUTE and successfully scored a Wordle win-in-two.

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