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September 7, 2022 Hints & Answer


September 7th’s Wordle solution features repeating vowels yet again, which have proven to be difficult to solve for players.

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September 7th’s Wordle throws yet another difficult word for players as it features yet another answer with repeating letters right next to each other. However, what makes this word even more difficult to guess is the fact that the repeating letters also happen to be vowels. So it is prudent for players looking to solve today’s Wordle answer to find the correct position of at least one of these vowels before proceeding further. Once players figure out the two vowels, they still aren’t out of danger because the answer is relatively obscure. However, players will have a better chance at solving today’s solution by using hints or a different strategy.


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Much like previous answers from this week, today’s answer is also a perfect fit for Wordle‘s hard mode. While this mode will make players spend more time on the puzzle, it will be more beneficial in the long run if players get the hang of it. In addition, since the hard mode has more stringent rules, it develops a habit for players to think outside the box and use different strategies which they may not be able to develop in the normal mode. However, players who like only to play Wordle using the regular mode and are unable to guess the answer can use some of the hints below to get a better idea.

Today’s Wordle Hints (September 7th #445)

Today’s solution has the same characteristics as the answer for Wordle 443. Being a particularly obscure word, many players will end up being stuck on their fourth or fifth attempt and may not have an idea about the answer. This is where clues come in handy as they give more context for today’s solution without spoiling the answer for them:

  • Hint 1: a synonym of suspicious or wary
  • Hint 2: they were ____ of their neighbors. (Fill in the blank)
  • Hint 3: being cautious, hesitant, or nervous about something

Today’s Wordle Answer (September 7th #445)

The September 7th Wordle answer is LEER.

Due to the repeating letter, players may have to use other obscure words that will help them identify the repeating vowels. Words like STEER will let players identify not only three confirmed letters but also that the answer features a repeating letter. Once players discover the repeating letter, they need to use five-letter words that feature vowels next to each other. During our attempts, words like TEARY, CLEAR, and LEERS helped us solve today’s Wordle answer in less than six tries.

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