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Shayne Jansen Claims Love Is Blind Experiment Is ‘Completely Dead’


Shayne Jansen’s experience in Love Is Blind season 2 wasn’t a success story, and now he’s revealing he doesn’t believe in the premise anymore. Shayne met and proposed to Natalie Lee on Love Is Blind, and they were generally perceived as one of the stronger couples throughout the season. Their love story briefly ended when Natalie unexpectedly declined to marry Shayne; they did give their connection a second shot after filming, but it didn’t end up working out. Following take two, although the exact timeframe is speculative, Shayne took a third shot at love on another dating show, Perfect Match. That third time was not the charm either.


Love Is Blind season 2’s Shayne admitted his current thoughts about the Netflix reality show, and it’s not necessarily promising. In an interview with Pop Culture, Shayne was asked whether he believes Love Is Blind’s social experiment serves its intended purpose. He prefaced his answer by outlining his appreciation for the experience, giving it credit for his growth that followed. He even labeled it “the best experience” of his life. But whether it works, Shayne claimed the experiment is “completely dead.” He called out Love Is Blind for prioritizing drama over “promoting love,” and addressed that people now “know what they need to do” for screen time and media attention.

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Love Is Blind’s Shayne & Natalie Don’t Talk At All Anymore

Shayne and Natalie looking at each other on Love Is Blind

Shayne was also asked about his current relationship with his ex fiancé from Love Is Blind, Natalie. His response was all of three words: “Oh, it’s nonexistent.” Shayne and Natalie just recently made headlines when Natalie claimed Shayne accepted a spot on Perfect Match while they were still together. She further added that the two of them actually had a conversation about the show and had an agreement to decline, adding an extra sting. The truth remains unclear as Shayne, naturally, countered the allegation. Shayne’s response to their current status indicates they aren’t even friendly at this point.

It’s disheartening to hear Love Is Blind alums express negative opinions about the show. There was a sort of societal hope that came with the release of a show with this premise, that love could truly be blind, that people haven’t lost that sense or ability to develop deep connections. Reality TV changed significantly when social media rose to such a high level of significance. Shayne’s right; the number of stars on dating shows like Love Is Blind with disingenuous intentions is rising. Some of the contestants might be looking to get married sight unseen while others think screen time will increase their Instagram following.

Shayne gives credit to the process for the growth he has seen in himself, but he doesn’t believe Love Is Blind‘s experiment works like it could have. Dating shows do require some drama to provide additional entertainment to viewers, but Love Is Blind provides that naturally with its high stress and very serious decisions. That’s what separated the show from others, that it wasn’t blatant that producers or stars were faking conversations or trying to stir up unrealistic, unnecessary drama purely for entertainment purposes. Shayne made several good points that align with the assessment of recent seasons, but it’s good to hear that he feels positive about his personal experience.

Love Is Blind streams Fridays on Netflix.

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